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Cost for Tubing the Comal River Last Weekend

A couple of my friends asked me about going camping and tubing this past weekend.  That sounded fun, except that I have never camped (at least not as an adult), and doubt I would enjoy it.  Especially during a classic Texas July. Side note.  🙂  I grew up in the middle of the Sam Houston National Forest…during the day I played in the woods.  At night, I would sleep in the house.  No reason to camp when you can have air conditioning and a bed away from bugs without leaving the forest.  🙂  My family sort of passed on the belief that the snakes, opossums, wild boars, and armadillos were there way before us, so we stayed out of their way at night unless they came too close to the house.  Then they got shot or shooed away depending on how much trouble they were causing. So I asked my friends if we could split a room at a hotel instead of camping, and they actually agreed, yay!  It feels nice to be liked enough not to be left behind because I was being all “Troop Beverly Hills“, lol. Tubing in New Braunfels – Down the Comal River We drove to … Read more