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20 Financial Milestones for your 20s

Alright millennials - how do you stack up versus me? What quiz score do you get on these 20 financial milestones for your 20s? I did not bad, but there's still room for improvement. Managing money well in your 20s makes a HUGE difference later on in life. These money milestones are key.

I saw Thousandaire’s 20 Financial Milestones for your 20s that all started at Gen Y Wealth and couldn’t resist. Here’s how I stack up at age 28: #1 – Finance a dream vacation…in cash Mr. BFS and I take at least one big trip every year and always pay for it in cash.  Last summer we took our second cruise (we went snorkeling in Jamaica and Grand Cayman and loved the lazy rivers in Mexico).  This coming summer we’re heading back to Las Vegas for a week.  These may not sound like “dream vacations” to everyone, but I’ve already lived in other countries and Mr. BFS is a homebody, so these are our dreams, lol. #2 – Pay off your private student loans We didn’t have any college loans.  My husband’s parents covered his education and my parents covered whatever my scholarships and 3 part-time jobs didn’t.  I also lived cheaply in college overall.  We were/are blessed.  We know.  🙂 #3 – Automate paying your credit card bill in full We automate as much as possible in every aspect of our financial lives, lol.  We got this covered. #4 – Get Rid of Bad Debt  The only debt we have left is … Read more