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How I paid CASH for an MBA Program

The following is a guest post from Kimberly Kesterke, a new blogger on financial abundance, budgeting and financial creativity. Feel free to visit her blog at You can also e-mail @ [email protected]  Just remember it is NEW, but all self-created to provide a valuable and useful information. Call me crazy, but in 2009 I decided to finally move forward with a Masters of Business Administration program (MBA). Call me even crazier, I vowed to do it debt-free. Here is my story and my advice on how YOU can tackle a large expenditure- one day at a time! Preparation First of all, I realize that there is a vast amount of funding programs available at low interest rates and I have nothing against a student loan. However, when I was done with the MBA program, I wanted to feel free and not have a large obligation to pay off. For me, it would have added undue stress, and the biggest goal for me after the program was to launch my career, not to have to worry how I would pay for it after the fact. So the year before, I started stocking away cash. I had an idea of a … Read more

How You Can Graduate Debt Free

The following is a guest post from Hannah at Preciously Preserved.  She is a southern gal living in San Diego and blogs about all sorts of subjects including dating, fashion, and even politics.  Thanks Hannah! The decisions one makes is so crucial–especially in this dwindling economy.  Decisions become weightier, money becomes tighter and life becomes a bit more challenging.  I know this.  I grew up in a frugal home – a home where money was tight and we didn’t have extra to throw around.  Decisions were weighed carefully; decisions such as if we could go out to eat, or should we make that extra drive because of gas prices.  Trust me, I understand frugality. I also understand frugality when it comes to talking about college education.  I am a college graduate.  I have a degree in English and a minor Sociology.  It, however, was not without sacrifice and diligence.   I could not sit back on my laurels, party every night, and bask in my parents glorious $100 bills.  I had to work hard for it.  My parents were eager to help and did in many ways, but make no mistake, if I didn’t work hard neither my scholarships nor my parents help … Read more