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How to Buy a Car – Our Personal Experience

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Cars are a BIG budget decision. Do you go with a used car? Do you buy a new car that depreciates when you drive it off the lot, but it comes with a warranty? Figuring out how to buy a car that works for me and my family is a priority right now and I'm learning everything I can before I go to the dealership and face the car sales people.

You may remember my post, How to Sell a Car on Craigslist.  I learned how to do that that simply because we had bought a new car and the dealer offered us way too little for our old car.  This  post is about our car buying experience and the great tips on how to buy a car again in the future. How to Buy a Car – The Beginning It all started when my husband decided that he needed a new car in early 2008. Specifically, he wanted a small SUV that could easily handle all of his school supplies as a science teacher (this was before he became a school librarian) and sports officiating equipment at the same time. I physically cringed at the idea of owning an SUV since gas 3 years ago was reaching $4 a gallon around here!  Heck, it’s at $3.25 a gallon right now so I would have been cringing for the last 3 years! Thankfully, he saw a Toyota Prius in our Kroger’s parking lot and was able to get a great look at its storage room in the back. He was hooked. That’s when I started looking into pricing for a new Prius. The … Read more