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New Vet for the Win!

I wrote this post in 2011 – My Pug’s Bi-Annual Vet Visit.  Every 6 months, the doggy dermatologist was charging me about $185 just to run blood work and a pee test on Mr. Pug to make sure the daily steroids he has to take aren’t killing him super fast.  Well, after we moved last October, I found a closer vet and have started taking him there instead.  His blood work visit was earlier this week, and was actually cheaper, yay! Bill in June 2011 Here was what I was being charged just for the bi-annual tests: Exam Fee – $65.00 Hazardous Waste Disposal (seriously, they threw away a needle or something) – $6.00 Pre-Op Chemistry Screen (actual lab work) – $68.75 Urinalysis (actual lab work) – $42.75 GRAND TOTAL:  $182.50 Plus, that vet always found something that needed to be treated (like a minor skin infection or ear issue) that would cost me an additional $80-$100.  Happened every time. Current Checkup Bill Exam Fee – $42.59 Blood Work 1 – $55.72 Blood Work 2 (in lieu of urinalysis) – $27.85 GRAND TOTAL:  $126.16 Mr. Pug’s Update   This vet was actually surprised about how great Mr. Pug looks for a dog that is inherently broken.  He did bring up that Mr. Pug is pre-arthritic … Read more

The $500 Wasn’t a Mistake, Yay!

About two and a half months ago, I wrote about spending about $500 on our 15 year old dog, Miss Doxie.  She had a lump removed from her belly and I was really hoping it wasn’t a complete waste.  Well, I have good news! Update In the last 2 months, Miss Doxie is acting like a much younger version of herself.  She still has the beginnings of cataracts that they can’t do anything about, but she is bouncy and is taking the stairs on her own every time.  She also has her appetite back and is even feisty enough to try to take Mr. Pug’s food when he isn’t looking.  I mean, we don’t allow it, but at least she feels good enough to try.  🙂 I am amazed.  We only had the lump removed because she was finally noticing it and licking at it.  I didn’t think it was slowing her down at all.  Apparently it was sucking up some major energy just by existing and I’m a douche for ignoring it forever.  But yay for having it removed!  Even if she dies tomorrow, at least she showed major improvement.  Hubby and I agreed yesterday that no matter what now, … Read more

Was this $500 a Stupid Expense?

Mr. BFS and I own two dogs right now.  Mr. Pug is a 100% inbred Pug that we adopted in 2009 from PugHearts Rescue and he is around 9 years old.  I write about him the most since developed allergy issues in 2010 that cost about $2000 to clear up over a year and he still has to take a daily steroid pill and eat special vegetarian dog food since he is allergic to meat, dairy, soy, wheat, and corn.  Miss Doxie is a Dachshund mutt that we adopted in 2005 from the Houston SPCA.  She is around 15 years old and has never had many problems.  But she had surgery yesterday. Quick Miss Doxie History Miss Doxie came to us in 2005 pretty healthy except for her teeth.  We spent a few hundred on her then to have some rotten teeth removed and the rest cleaned.  Since then, her only vet bills have been for basic checkups and pneumonia that Oreo gave her a couple of years ago.  She has the very beginnings of cataracts, but there is nothing they can do about it at this stage.  And she has had a lump on her belly for a few years.  … Read more

My Dog Eats Poop And I’m Out $90

If you are having a meal, I am sorry to have disturbed it.  But my inbred Pug has decided that poop is the best thing since Pupperoni, which has led to yet another skin infection.  Yay… Meet Mr. Pug For anybody who hasn’t met Mr. Pug, he is my 9 year old that we rescued 3 years ago from Pughearts.  For a full year, he had no issues.  Then he developed allergies…not Claritin-can-fix-it allergies, but the I’m-going-to-slowly-kill-you kind.  After much guessing and checking and $2500 of visits and meds, the vets came to the conclusion that my poor dog is allergic to all meat, dairy, soy, corn, wheat, and a few environmental things as well…like grass and pollen.  This means that he is going to be on steroids ($4 a month) for the rest of his life as well as vegetarian dog food that costs $50 for a 16 pound bag.  He also has to be treated twice a week or more for dry eye with $40 eye drops, face stuff at $15 a bottle, and have his ears cleaned with $20 a bottle antibiotic cleaner.  In short, he is a high maintenance pet that costs a minimum of $750 a year. Vet Visit for … Read more