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Complete 10 Step Guide – How to Sell a Car on Craigslist

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Ah Craigslist! It's an excellent place to buy things, but I've never thought about using it to sell my car before. These ten easy steps tell you exactly how to sell your car on craigslist and put some cash back into your pocket without getting scammed.

Long time readers may remember my first post about selling my car on Craigslist.  Well, in my ongoing effort to make this site better for you, I fleshed it WAY out and created a complete 10 step guide!  I hope this makes selling your car on Craigslist EXTREMELY easy!!!  No reason to lose thousands at the dealerships! In 2008, my husband bought his 2007 Toyota Prius and needed to sell his 2003 Hyundai Sonata.  The dealership only offered us $2000 to trade it in, so I sold it myself on Craigslist for $4800.  Yay!  In 2014, I bought my 2013 Honda Fit and needed to sell my 2005 Chevy Aveo.  The dealership once again offered me $2000, so I sold it on Craigslist for $3400.  Woot! To summarize, dealerships always offer way less than your car is worth.  If you have the title, sell your car way more on Craigslist.  Plus, save a ton of time since I’ve already done it twice – just follow the steps below! 10 Steps to Sell Your Car on Craigslist: 1.  Determine the Value of Your Vehicle Check out these sites to set your price: Kelley Blue Book Edmunds Comparables on Craigslist Add at least 10-15%  (I list mine 25-35% higher … Read more

The Pros and Cons of a Prius – From an Owner’s Mouth

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We originally bought our used 2007 Toyota Prius in early 2008 when gas prices were reaching $4 a gallon here in Houston, TX and there was a 200 person waiting list for a new Prius. Long story short, they wanted $32,000 for a new Prius or $27,000 for a used 2007 Prius with 30,000 miles on it already. After a few hours of negotiation, we settled at $21,500 for the 2007 model. With financing at 4% and everything else, we ended up paying it off early and put in a total of $23,400. (Slightly unrelated, but if you own a Prius, these trash cans seem to be a favorite accessory that fits in the doors…) In December 2011, I posted about our Prius since they were getting popular. I wanted to check in again now that our Prius is 9 years old and just hit 155,000 miles. Prius Pros It still makes 44-47 miles per gallon on road trips and 47-52 miles per gallon with in-city driving. Yep, that seems backwards but it isn’t since the breaking system is part of the battery re-charging process. It still has great amount of storage space for us. It regularly carries 4 men and their reffing … Read more

The Summer Sucks for Cars

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Why do all car problems happen on Sunday?  We never seem to have any issues when our mechanic is open.  Oh well. The Issue Last Sunday afternoon, while we were driving a friend home, our Prius beeped at us and gave us a ton of warning lights.  We pulled over but couldn’t see, smell, or sense any problems, so we decided to drop our friend off and just go to our mechanic Monday morning. The only thing that seemed wrong was that the A/C wasn’t cooling the air it was blowing.  I checked under the hood and under the car twice just to make sure the thermostat housing hadn’t busted and dropped all of the coolant on the ground, which happened to me before in my stupid Aveo a few years ago.  But nothing was leaking out of anything.  Still, the drive home was sweltering without air conditioning and we were anxious the whole time. Monday So we dropped off the Prius Monday morning as planned.  My normal dude was off for the day, but a new guy (who I found out more about later) got us squared away and said he’d call with an update.  I ended up calling him in the … Read more

How to Buy a Car – Our Personal Experience

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Cars are a BIG budget decision. Do you go with a used car? Do you buy a new car that depreciates when you drive it off the lot, but it comes with a warranty? Figuring out how to buy a car that works for me and my family is a priority right now and I'm learning everything I can before I go to the dealership and face the car sales people.

You may remember my post, How to Sell a Car on Craigslist.  I learned how to do that that simply because we had bought a new car and the dealer offered us way too little for our old car.  This  post is about our car buying experience and the great tips on how to buy a car again in the future. How to Buy a Car – The Beginning It all started when my husband decided that he needed a new car in early 2008. Specifically, he wanted a small SUV that could easily handle all of his school supplies as a science teacher (this was before he became a school librarian) and sports officiating equipment at the same time. I physically cringed at the idea of owning an SUV since gas 3 years ago was reaching $4 a gallon around here!  Heck, it’s at $3.25 a gallon right now so I would have been cringing for the last 3 years! Thankfully, he saw a Toyota Prius in our Kroger’s parking lot and was able to get a great look at its storage room in the back. He was hooked. That’s when I started looking into pricing for a new Prius. The … Read more