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Tesla in Our Future?

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My Honda Fit is about 3 years old and has 50,000 miles on it.  I have high hopes for it to last at least another 100,000-150,000 miles without huge repairs.  BUT hubby’s 2007 Prius has 165,000+ miles on it and all of those small end-of-life issues are slowly popping up like oil leaks. 

Prius Prime?

Until this year, we knew that Len’s next car would be a Prius.  He loves his Prius.  And we thought the next one would most likely be the Prius Prime, which we have been checking out on and specific dealer sites (it’s running about $30,000 around Texas).  It has more cameras, can go up to 600 miles on one tank, and gets 53-55 miles per gallon.


But now we’ve heard about the new Tesla – self-driving, electric, and will be available for about $35,000.  It could be worth an extra $4,000-$9,000 to us in order to own a self-driving car that will go 250+ miles without needing to be charged.  You just plug in your destination address like you do with your personal GPS and the car takes you there.  That’s simply magical.

Our Tesla Hesitations

We both are a little hesitant to jump into an all-electric car since it takes an hour or so to charge if you run low while you are driving around.  Len is also being wishy-washy because you are required to continue paying attention while the car self-drives, which takes away a lot of the self-driving dreams of fun with phone games, movies, etc.  I’m a little iffy just because I heard that the waiting list is so long that the 2017 release won’t catch up with the demand until late 2018 or early 2019.  We’ll see…

I guess this whole debate will be moot if his current Prius has many more issues before the not-$100,000 Tesla is truly available.

Have you heard about the Tesla?  What do you think about it?

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6 thoughts on “Tesla in Our Future?

  1. I recently had to replace my Toyota because of an unexpected failing at 170k miles. I too had expected it to last well over 200k miles but a sudden major oil leak constituted a repair estimate of $4k or $7k to replace the engine…for a car worth $5k. Now I’m kicking myself for not trading up a little sooner to at least get something back in a sell and save on the more frequent repairs needed toward the end anyway.

    Personally, all the extra computers and electronics on the Tesla would make me nervous…more stuff to go wrong and specialized and expensive repairs. I haven’t read about self driving, but it seems it could lull you into being too complacent at the wheel, especially if they want you to keep paying attention. I’d also be fearful of running out of charge on the road, but I do a lot of running around and take longer trips. If he never drives close to 250 miles in a day, it may not matter.

    I had a Prius years ago and loved it. We only upsized when we needed more car seats. Good luck with whatever you choose!

  2. For starters-right now I believe the entire concept of electric vehicles is flawed as far as an ecological thing. That electricity has to come from generating plants (for the most part) and those plants run on fossil fuels. And electricity is not without its ecological shortcoming too such as ozone generation, (magnetic pollution? Just wait-someone will come up with that one) not to mention the toxic components of batteries.

    As for the self driving aspect-I believe that it will eventually be outlawed until the infrastructure can support it. That is roadways embedded with fail-safe capabilities or some such thing that mesh with a driver-less vehicle. The driver-less concept will probably die a dramatic death when there is a mass of mangled driver-less cars twisted around human beings breathing their last.

    And I totally agree with the above comment about more things to go wrong. That in itself would make me think many times about buying one of these cars.

    Obviously I am not a fan of electric or driver-less vehicles.

    One last thought-even mostly automated transportation, mass transit, subways, commuter trains, etc. that only run on predesignated areas and that do not run all over the place like a personal vehicle can, has a person somewhere intently monitoring their operation just in case.

  3. I’m personally a late adopter but my friends are picking up their two later this year, I think, so I’ll let you know how that works out for them. Apparently there are some good rebates in CA that bring that price down a lot for them. I hadn’t even thought to look into it when the sales line ups started 🙂

  4. We are also thinking about the Tesla in a few years! We live in Sicily now, but when we return home in 2019 or 2021 we’ll have to be thinking about a new car for my husband since we only get one shipped home (my van). He’s very interested.

    While I’m excited about maybe going electric, I personally hate the idea of “self driving.” I’ve been burned so regularly by GPS (especially here) that now I have little faith in it. Or maybe I’m just stuck in my ways, haha.

  5. I definitely want my next car to be a Tesla. We’ll have to see what my bank account says at the time though. That won’t be for another 3-4 years hopefully, assuming everything keeps progressing I should be able to afford it.

  6. I dunno about the Tesla thing. In the first place, I’m with Henry when it comes to skepticism about its real-world, all-things-taken-into-account ecological qualities. In the second place, the da*n electronic gadgetry just for this new(ish) Toyota is driving me nuts…as in “the next car is gonna be a mule!” Imagine what a Tesla’s gadgetry will involve!

    And in the third place: well, I’ve gotten pretty wary of the whole early adopter thing. My sense is that it would be wise to wait for the second or third generation of these wonder-machines to get on the road before plunging in with fistfuls of dollars.

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