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The $500 Wasn’t a Mistake, Yay!

About two and a half months ago, I wrote about spending about $500 on our 15 year old dog, Miss Doxie.  She had a lump removed from her belly and I was really hoping it wasn’t a complete waste.  Well, I have good news!


In the last 2 months, Miss Doxie is acting like a much younger version of herself.  She still has the beginnings of cataracts that they can’t do anything about, but she is bouncy and is taking the stairs on her own every time.  She also has her appetite back and is even feisty enough to try to take Mr. Pug’s food when he isn’t looking.  I mean, we don’t allow it, but at least she feels good enough to try.  🙂

I am amazed.  We only had the lump removed because she was finally noticing it and licking at it.  I didn’t think it was slowing her down at all.  Apparently it was sucking up some major energy just by existing and I’m a douche for ignoring it forever.  But yay for having it removed!  Even if she dies tomorrow, at least she showed major improvement.  Hubby and I agreed yesterday that no matter what now, the $500 was money well spent.  Yay!

Miss Doxie
She’s a ball of happy without that lump!


Sometimes You Just Follow Your Gut

So we could have spent $500 and Miss Doxie could have stayed sick and passed away.  We still felt obligated to go ahead with the surgery even with that as a huge possibility.  But it would have stung.  It’s always nice when stuff works out.

I may not be super old yet at 30, but I know that poop happens sometimes no matter how diligent you are.  I know that you need to be as grateful for the good times as you are pissed off about the bad ones or your personal equation won’t balance, and you’ll just slowly fade inside wondering why the world sucks all of the time.  Even perky Crystal has been there several times.

Me Being Thankful

So let me say that we are super happy that this $500 lumpectomy was totally worth it.  I also will admit that the $638 I just had to spend on new struts and strut mounts for my stupid car was worth it.  I am super happy that my 2005 Chevy Aveo is paid off and is running as well as it ever has.  Fixing the struts has made it drive better – no more shaking and even the road noise is deadened a bit.  It may not be my favorite vehicle in the world ever since I found out that Chevy would even make thermostat housings out of plastic, but it has driven me from Point A to Point B faithfully for 8 years and has only needed about $2000 in work (the thermostat housing, belts that should have lasted longer, brake pads that would have happened with any car, and new struts which is also normal).  So I will stop holding the thermostat housing grudge.  I officially don’t hate my poor little car and will continue my pledge to drive it until it just won’t drive anymore.

What are you thankful for today?  Anything crappy that needs to be counteracted with some good vibes?

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8 thoughts on “The $500 Wasn’t a Mistake, Yay!

  1. Soo happy for you guys. My little doxie passed after several blood transfusions. We now have a little boy doxie and he is just great and healthy. Even though we couldn’t save our little Molly I was happy to know we did all we could. We just love our little poochies don’t we?

  2. We have two furry guys at home and my girlfriend has had to remove two lumps from one of the dogs. She probably wouldn’t be with us today had they not been, so the cost was totally worth it. I understand how you feel.

  3. @Mike, thank you (she knows it too, lol).

    @KC, sweet thought.

    @Aimy, sorry about your doxie but I am glad you have a new, healthy buddy!

    @Eric, I am just so glad it actually helped. 😀

  4. I find that all the money that we spend on our dogs is worth it. Except maybe the stupid things like toys (haha). The $1200 teeth cleanings that happen once every 5 years or so save them from health complications in the future, and even just getting benign bumps and lumps checked out costs $180 or so – it’s worth it even if it comes back benign. I’m so glad your pup is feeling better!

  5. To me, real wealth is about being able to take care of those you love. Naturally, spending $500 stings, but that picture just speaks volumes about how healthy she is now…and makes the $500 seem worth it. Congratulations on her recovery!

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