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The Houston Rockets Game was Tons of Fun!

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A couple of our friends came by some free tickets to a Houston Rockets NBA game last week and invited Mr. BFS and me.  A double-date sounded fun, so we cleared our Monday night and headed downtown.  It was a blast!

The Rockets and Me

I only followed the Rockets closely way back in 1994 when they went all the way.  I’ve honestly never watched a whole game since then.  Much has changed…

I didn’t recognize anybody on our team, which isn’t much of a surprise 20 years later.  I did notice a bunch of players palming the ball and never being called on it – that was annoying.  But I also watched some really great plays including great shots and superb screening by the Rockets and the Trail Blazers.  The Trail Blazers had been on a 5 game winning streak, but the Rockets didn’t seem to mind the odds.  They kept a solid lead throughout and won handily at 126 to 113.

The Evening

Other than nasty traffic on the way to downtown Houston, we had a great night!  Our friends made parking waits fun.  We made super silly remarks about all of the bad drivers, pretended we were looking for a secret entrance to Narnia while searching out the correct parking garage entrance, and even joked around at the amazing wait to leave.

In the stadium, we were like excited children.  The seats were EXCELLENT.  We all could see perfectly and chat during down times.  Even the commercial breaks were fun.  Our host caught a t-shirt from one of those sling-shots that the mascot was using.  I caught our host before he fell over the seats in front of us, lol.  A man at the end of our row made it onto the Dance Cam.  It was just a fun environment!

Houston Rockets
The view from our seats was stellar!

We also grabbed a delicious and healthy meal at a new-to-us cafe on the way home.  The broccoli cheddar quiche I ordered was excellent, but their simple salad really blew me away with some super tasty vinaigrette. Mr. BFS said his turkey burger was almost as good as the ones we make at home – that’s pretty amazing since the ones we make at home taste just like real burgers…

I guess that whole evening was proof that the people you are with matter way more than what you are doing.  Watching the game was fun, but the company was the show stopper.

Have you been to a professional sports game recently?  What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “The Houston Rockets Game was Tons of Fun!

  1. Professional sports and I have a love-hate relationship. When I go, I love it. But given the choice I’d rather stay in my comfort zone.

    Then again, I have a partial season ticket plan to the Red Sox and have friends with season tickets to the Celtics and Bruins and go whenever I can.

    At work we have very nice Yankees tickets and I’d grab them when they were available although I’ve since moved to MA, so the commute is a little too long for it these days…

    Sounds like a fun night!

  2. Nice, sounds like you had a great time! It’s great that you found a healthy, fun place to eat close to home. We’re still looking for one of those!!!!

  3. I am a DIE HARD Golden State Warriors fan and I go to their games a lot. The Rockets are probably in my top 5 favorite teams of the moment, though. I’m a fan of Jeremy Lin (remember Linsanity?) and James Harden. The Rockets are just so much fun to watch! Free tickets definitely make it even funner. Those look like great seats!

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