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The Karatgold Coin: High-tech meets gold

Cash dominated the financial world for many millennia. By now, only two percent of the world’s money is in circulation as cash. A full 98 percent of the money exists in digital form, but is bound to the precious metal gold. This guarantees the stability of traditional currencies. Predictions suggest that the future of money belongs to the cryptocurrencies – the well-known cryptocurrency Bitcoin has acted as a trailblazer. Their value is still determined by the relationship between supply and demand. In the meantime, however, there is an alternative that is stable value: the Karatgold Coin. The cryptocurrency comes from the wellspring of the renowned Karatgold and is pegged to the classic medium of gold. The cryptocurrency is limited and cannot be influenced by political interests.

Combining the benefits of gold and CryptoCoins

The Karatgold Coin combines the advantages of cryptocurrencies and gold. Its founding father is the gold expert and business pioneer Harald Seiz. The system is based on proven blockchain technology and financial hedge via gold. The Karatgold Coin is distributed by the KARAT Gold Cooperation PTE LTD. Here, the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is employed. As part of the market launch, there are limited duration price reductions. Currently, 1,000 Karatgold Coins can be redeemed for only one US cent. This price will later rise to eight US cents. After a few months, the value will be determined by the price of gold, purchasing power and the principle of supply and demand. Coin buyers who strike now will profit from immense benefits. In the future, there will also be payment systems such as KaratPay and the Karatgold Wallet. A Karat Debit Card is in development.

High security for investors

Investors who decide to invest in Karatgold Coins benefit from a high level of security. The Karatgold Coin is inexpensive and fast: it is based on the proven Ethereum blockchain protocol. To suppress inflation, the number of coins is strictly limited. Twelve billion Karatgold Coins will be created and issued. They will also be available on platforms for cryptocurrencies such as Bittrex, Bitfinex, Bithumb and Poloniex. The basic advantage of Karatgold Coins is their stability. They are linked to the price of gold and not to states. Unlike traditional currencies, their value is not affected by crises, monetary policy or inflation. The coins serve as a fast means of payment on the Internet and can be converted into other currencies. The use of Karatgold Coins brings greater advantages than the use of other cryptocurrencies. These have fallen into disrepute due to immense price fluctuations and spectacular thefts.

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