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Thinking about Getting Knocked Up Again

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This has been a crappy year for our procreation plans.  I got pregnant in late November 2016, had a blighted ovum miscarriage in mid-January 2017, got pregnant again in mid-March 2017, and had an ectopic pregnancy miscarriage in late April 2017.  That one took nearly a month for my system to physically reset, and I was told to wait at least two menstrual cycles before trying again.  I was also warned that I would now have an increased chance for ectopic pregnancies with any future attempts. 

Wanting to Try Again

Despite the scare factor the tubal pregnancy slapped me with, my husband and I are seriously contemplating whether we should start trying again in the next month or so (after my second cycle).  I’ve slammed through all of my stages of grief (sad, angry, depressed, contemplative, snarky, and acceptance).  I also used the time to find a new OB-GYN since the staff of my last doctor treated me like a faceless number.  We meet my new doctor this Thursday and I’ll make sure we are good to go again physically.  If so, we then need to figure out if we want to try again soon or wait a few more months or more.

When you have a miscarriage, you start zeroing in on other people’s pregnancy experiences too.  I’ve touched base with dozens of people who have shared about their own miscarriages, struggles with adoption, having tubal reversal surgery,  successful but tough pregnancies, and more.  Every time someone shared their story with me, I felt a little less alone.  A little less broken.  I also felt like my drive to keep trying as soon as possible was not nearly as odd as I thought. 

I mean, we obviously are able to have sperm meet egg.  Hopefully we’ll eventually turn that into a small, crying human.  If not, we’ll have to think about our next step – we haven’t talked about that eventuality in a while. I hope that ends up being a moot subject.

Here’s hoping for a great first meeting with my new OB-GYN this Thursday!

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5 thoughts on “Thinking about Getting Knocked Up Again

  1. It’s not at all surprising that you’d want to hop back in the saddle, so to speak. You seem to have a (healthy) competitive nature and positive outlook on life. Since having a miscarriage feels like losing in so many ways, it would be natural to want to “beat it” and believe you’ll have success next time. I had a miscarriage before each of my three children (although they were early ones and didn’t involve life threatening circumstances), and I was anxious each time to try again. I wish you the best and hope to read that the third time will be much easier and result in a healthy baby next summer.

  2. Fertility struggles are so hard. I’m so sorry about your two lost babies. It’s truly brave of you to share much of your family’s struggle here; being able to talk about something as painful as a miscarriage is one important way to heal. Best wishes for the results you want next time, very soon.

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