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Thrift Store Challenge Update – I Bought ALL of the Clothes…

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Back in May, I started my own personal challenge at the end of my post about the song, “Thrift Shop”.  I decided that at least until June 2014, I would only buy clothing from second-hand stores like Goodwill and resale shops.  I made the exception for anything that I need to buy that touches my naughty bits.  😉

Thrifting August 2013

So far, I have stuck to the plan.  It was super easy since I didn’t need anything except a bathing suit last month.  And since that is on the exceptions list, I bought the one below off of Amazon and am super happy with it.  I don’t leave the house unless necessary or for fun, lol.

But now that I lost about 14 pounds again (and because I actually split the inner-thigh of the second-to-last pair of jeans that I fit into, lol), I needed a few new pairs of pants.  I also will be attending a murder mystery dinner and have the role of a bad girl, so I needed a trashy/sexy outfit.

And I was informed by my better-dressed friend, D, that I need some more girly clothes that “fit better and highlight all of your yummy parts”.  (Side note, I love my friends.)  I own about 30 funny t-shirts (25 of which are a size or two too big for me now but I wear them around the house anyway), 10 general blouses, 10 winter tops, and 2 dresses (both pretty formal).  So D and I decided to do some thrifting this past Sunday and take advantage of the tax-free weekend.

Loaded Up

I think I bought all of the clothes in the world.  D assures me that I didn’t and have barely made a scratch.  😉  Here is what I ended up with:

  • 8 new shirts/blouses/nice tops (all form-fitting and t-shirt purchases have hereby been banned for a while…)
  • 2 pairs of jeans
  • 1 new pair of black slacks
  • 2 skirts
  • 3 dresses
  • 3 pairs of shoes
  • Total Paid = $125.90

Receipt 1Receipt 2Receipt 3Receipt 4


End Results

Not too shabby!  Bad girl, Ramona (my murder mystery character), will be dressed in a leather skirt with a super trashy top and some wild heels.  I’m also wearing a blue wig, over-the-top makeup, and some temporary tattoos.  Altogether, I bought the shirt, the heels, and will be buying the tattoos.  I’m borrowing the rest.  Ramona is costing less than $10, yay!

Actual Crystal has what feels like a brand new closet.  Here are a few of the outfits:

New Shirt, Skirt, and Shoes
This is the shortest skirt that I’ve owned in the last decade…


New Dress
I LOVE THIS DRESS. It makes me want to dance!


New Shirt and Skirt
We went out to eat after thrifting…here is a new shirt and skirt. And yes, that is Mr. BFS. 🙂


Altogether, $125 for a whole new wardrobe isn’t too shabby!  I also used this opportunity to go through my whole closet, reorganize, and pull anything I wasn’t wearing.  It was some nice stuff since I already donated the first and second clean-out waves from the move late last year.  I ended up taking 16 pieces to the consignment shop (mostly dresses and nice skirts that I wore years ago).  Maybe I can make back some of that $125 on some nice clothing that no longer fits me.  🙂

Do you find great stuff at thrift stores too?  Any bargains or favorites that you want to mention?

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15 thoughts on “Thrift Store Challenge Update – I Bought ALL of the Clothes…

  1. You look great in those dresses!

    I hate clothes shopping in general, and I would have been more likely to fix the jeans than buy new clothes 🙂 I’m super picky in the pants department, and only wear one brand – they last 2-3 years of wearing almost every day, so I don’t have a problem spending $35 on a good pair of jeans/capris.

    I haven’t bought a shirt for myself in years – my mother likes to buy me shirts for gifts, and since I don’t really care as long as they’re cotton and fit, I take them. I’m hoping to need to buy new (smaller) clothes in the next few months though, and I’ll definitely check out thrift shops if my mom doesn’t come through.

  2. I gotta ask. How do you handle shoes at thrift stores? Shoes are almost like a naughty bit exception to me.

  3. @Finance Blog Zone, thanks!

    @Mom, the nice blouses I had before this trip were mainly gifts, lol. I bought the t-shirts. 🙂

    @Andi, I am the opposite of a germaphobe, so I just wear them. I thought about it after I saw your question, I should probably have sprayed them with some sort of foot stuff killer, but I didn’t think about it…

  4. Awesome thrifting job! Most of my t-shirts are from thrift stores, but none of my jeans are. I can never find my size or a pair that fit properly. Most of my sons wardrobe is second hand though.

  5. Our local Goodwill had a 50% everything sale this past weekend, so of course I tried my hand at shopping there! Unfortunately, I get overwhelmed at these kinds of stores since their merchandise isn’t as organized so I only walked out with one shirt. But at least my wallet is happy!

    Those outfits look great, btw!

  6. Thrift stores are best to shop for us as it saves a lot of money. You choose very pretty dresses, nice pics and of course $125 for closet full of new clothes is indeed a good deal. Enjoy the murder mystery dinner as Ramona. Take care, Rita P

  7. You look so pretty! Congrats on the weight loss and new clothes. I bet you feel like a new woman. We did a murder mystery right around Halloween last year, and I got to be a cowgirl and I actually wore spurs. It was very fun. I hope yours is as well.

  8. You look lovely! I hope you post a pic with the slutty clothes and high heels. That sounds outrageous! Might cut down on your babysitting jobs though.
    ~ Christie

  9. @Angella, I never could find my size of jeans at thrift stores either, but there seems to be a ton of short women that are turning in their size 10-12 jeans lately. I had like 11 options for 10p and 12p jeans. 🙂

    @Lisa, I can totally see being overwhelmed. My friend, D, is the only reason I could stay and try on 30 things in every store like I did. 🙂

    @Rita, thank you!

    @Kim, awww, thanks! I feel like I did in mid-2011 when I was here before, lol. I just need to maintain it this time. 😉 A cowgirl would be fun too! We’re doing a masquerade ball this Halloween. 😀

    @Christie, thank you! I will totally post that picture. 😀 I doubt anyone I babysit for would care, lol. I’m generally known as a crazy person anyway, lol.

    @Meghan, thanks and thanks!

  10. Amazingly cute outfits! 🙂 Congratulations on the great weight loss and the fun finds.

    You’re pretty wholesome-looking to play the part of the Bad Girl! Alas, nice girls wear tatts these days, so it’ll be hard to make those convincing. In addition to the blue wig, you’ll likely need plenty of black eyeliner and mascara, and maybe some deathly white foundation.

    wait…this is beginning to sound more like Hallowe’en than a mystery party.

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