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Totally Money Blog Carnival #4

To my regular readers, I will be hosting this carnival at least every Monday in January. So if blog carnivals aren’t your thing, please feel free to check out my archives, thanks!

Welcome the the fourth Totally Money Blog Carnival!!!  This one has funny motivational posters throughout.  Enjoy!

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If this doesn't make you laugh...


I'm still giggling...

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Thanks so much!!!


Please submit your posts to the February 7th edition of the Totally Money Blog Carnival hosted by Live Real, Now using the carnival submission form.

Please remember that this carnival will only include recent, original posts about personal finance or money AND that a description MUST be included when you submit.  The description field is used to weed out scammy posts, so please include one if you don’t want to be overlooked. Thank you!

Also, Totally Money is open to outside hosts, so feel free to throw your name in the ring if you match the qualifications.  Please contact me with your hosting date preference if you are interested!

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