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Trailer Park Treasure

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I mentioned that my friend, Dee at Losing Stuff, Gaining Freedom, was looking to buy a used travel trailer to live in for at least a year starting this summer.  She ended up buying a 20 foot long 2008 Malibu in April, but then she needed a place to live in it starting in August when her apartment lease runs out.  Today we went hunting for a decent trailer park/mobile home park/RV park that was closer to her job (and as a bonus, me!).  🙂

Dee's Trailer
This is the 20 foot Malibu that Dee will be living in until August 2015. It takes advantage of its limited space…


As with any other housing choice, finding a place to rent out a trailer slip involves choosing something between disgusting and ranges up to amazing luxury.  Dee called the four options that seemed to fit her basic needs that were also closer to her job than she is now.  Two of the places were completely filled up and didn’t seem interested in worrying about backups.  One place rents out mobile homes that they already park there, so it doesn’t have slips for other people’s travel trailers.  Lastly, there were two places that we checked out in person.

The Basic Choice

The first place looked nice but extremely basic.  It had the land and a low price.  In short, it was an open area to park at, but it also only costs $275 per month.  That includes free water, but Dee would have still had to cover electricity and find somewhere to do her laundry or take a nicer shower once in a while other than in her tiny bathroom.  It also was in an area that would get muddy and marshy when it rains.

$275 Trailer Park
The first mobile home park was nice and green, but it didn’t have anything extra at all.

The Luxurious Choice

The second option was just awesome!  It is an RV Resort, which is a very nice way to live in a mobile home.  The slips for the travel trailers are paved, there is a huge lake that makes for a great view and lends to good drainage, and the amenities kicked butt!

  • Water included
  • Basic Dish television included
  • All hookups for the travel trailer are easy to use and readily available
  • On-site laundry facility that is open 24/7
  • Bathrooms with full showers that are open 24/7
  • Computer room with a printer
  • Two enclosed dog park areas
  • A swimming pool and hot tub
  • A recreation room with treadmills, a shuffle board table, a pool table, a coffee maker, and a popcorn machine
  • A huge lake that can be used for fishing
  • Free air pump for tires
  • Dog wash station with an actual dog washing platform and sink
  • Grills
  • Outdoor kitchen with bar stools
  • Fire pits with comfy outdoor seating
  • Friendly staff

The only downside is that the monthly rate is $475-$540 a month.  BUT, they offered Dee a deal that she couldn’t pass up – rent for one month and get the second month free!  That will make it $270 a month at worst for two months, and then she can decide to stay or move on!   How cool is that?!

The Lake


Rec Center

Fire Pit

Obviously, she chose the RV resort.  She’ll be moving there in early August and I am so excited for her!!!  I think it’s a perfect fit and still costs her $400 less per month than her apartment complex wants now.

This is proof that housing treasures and great deals can be found with any type of home – even travel trailers.

Any cool housing deals for you lately?  What do you think of this RV resort?


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11 thoughts on “Trailer Park Treasure

  1. I didn’t even know there were such things as RV resorts, that’s pretty awesome! And very convenient. I would be tempted to pay a bit more for those amenities.

  2. I think you should rent her a space in your driveway. Not only would your friend have a place to live, you could collect rent, and you’d also be in charge of the HOA board once all of their heads exploded.

    Win, Win, Win situation! ☺☺


  3. Wendy, I tried to convince her to let me do that too. That sounds like great fun! I could live in my own little trailer but still be right next to close friends. Alas, HOA for some reason didn’t want a permanent trailer parked in a drive way. =)

  4. @EM, me too!

    @Catseye, in a different life, I’d be doing this too with Dee now.

    @Tefffany, right?!

    @Wendy, LMAO!!!

    @Dee, hahaha. But even if I didn’t have an HOA, I would have charged you at least a few hundred a month anyway to have a trailer parked at my house – and you have better amenities at this place, LOL. PLUS, you are only 15-20 minutes away. I think this is freaking perfect. 🙂

    @Wendy, believe it or not, it’s not allowed there either. But it’s okay, I can drive to this RV Resort in 15 minutes with some traffic. 😀

    @Jimmy, thanks!

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