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Want a Wedding Dress?

I started listing a bunch of items for sale on Craigslist earlier this year just to cut back on the stuff that was taking up room with no purpose in our home.  Now that we will hopefully be moving in a few months, I started digging in even  more.  I do not want to move anything we don’t have a use for.

Sold So Far

I’ve had pretty good luck!  Here’s what’s sold so far:

  • Two Pyrex Bake-a-Round Bread Baking Sets – $20
  • Bread Slicer – $5
  • Wolfgang Puck Indoor Electric Grill – $20
  • Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker – $30
  • Tea Pot – $5
  • Tea Boiler – $5
  • Coffee Pot – $5
  • Breadmaker – $10
  • HP Deskjet Printer – $20
  • Tennis Racket – $20
  • Old desk and office chair – $50
  • Magic the Gathering 10th Edition Common Playset (4 of each common card of 10th edition) – $20

I have also given away two huge piles of stuff too and donated 11 bags of clothing to Goodwill.

How I Sell Stuff on Craigslist

I have written a couple of posts about Craigslist, but it boils down to:

  • Solid Descriptions
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Great Pictures

If they can easily understand your description and see a picture, they are more likely to pay attention to your ad.  A competitive price helps sell items faster, but the pictures at least get them looking to start with.

What’s Left to Sell

Despite progress, I have things left to sell.  Even pictures and great prices haven’t helped sell this stuff:

My Wedding Dress – $100

Front ViewBeing Worn

5 simple glass Bud Vases – $5

Bud Vases

Wilton Armetale Pewter Bread Plate (Never Used) – $10

Pewter Bread Plate

Small Coffee Maker (Never Used) – $15

Coffee Maker

I’ve lowered the prices on everything once again and will keep trying until we move in September.  I may even use Ebay pretty soon although I hate paying their commission.  In the meantime, if you like the look of any of the stuff above, let me know.  😉

Do you use Craigslist?  How do you finally deal with the stuff that won’t sell?

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17 thoughts on “Want a Wedding Dress?

  1. It’s funny, I planned to sell my wedding dress about a year after we got married in 2008. It seemed silly to keep it around (particularly if I got to the point where I couldn’t fit into anymore and felt bad about it). It seemed like a practical thing to do. But my husband got really sad at the idea of selling it, and he convinced me to keep it, along with the red sneakers I was wearing on our first date (he loved them). Even though closet space was definitely at a premium in our old house, I’m glad I kept it. Sometimes, it’s good to be sentimental.

  2. If you more want to clear space than make money and you’re open to donating your dress, you should check out companies like Brides Against Breast Cancer, which resells the dress and donates and proceeds to charity.

  3. I use to make a killing on craigslist. Now though it seems people are more hesitant (in our area at least) to use it because of all the bad press the site has received. In 2008-2010 we could sell anything within a day of listing it. Now I’m lucky if I get a reply within 30 days and usually it’s a scammer. I have so much junk to get rid of too!

  4. Pretty dress! One day that’s what I’ll do — spend a little, get it altered and call it a day. Not now, since I am not interested in looking like a CRAZY pants, but when you get to the point where it’s not selling, don’t do eBay, just give that stuff away. eBay is a hassle that might not be worth it.

  5. Pictures are definitely the key to craigslist deals. My roommates and I sold two small couches and a side table in like, 2 days and I think it’s because we included four pictures of each of the items. Especially if the things you want to sell are in very good condition, make sure the pictures have good lighting so people don’t think you’re trying to scam them only to show up and see the item in worse condition than you lead on. Also, what a very pretty wedding dress! You don’t want to save it, possibly for a future daughter? 🙂

  6. I already sold the bread plate – you guys rock!!!

    @Call Me, thanks!

    @Michelle, I would suggest it whenever you have some free time to make a listing and then meet up with people. 🙂

    @Emily, Awwww! Mr. BFS asked if I was sure I was okay with selling it, but after that, he seemed happy at the idea of getting some money back for it too. I have a couple of t-shirts that he will never want me to get rid of that I wore when we were dating…that’s about it…

    @Josh, hopefully!

    @Sheryl, that will be my next step if it doesn’t sell most likely. 🙂 I donate anything that doesn’t sell every year or so just so I get it out of the house.

    @Jenna, actually, yes. 🙂 I just thought about it last week though. 🙂

    @Angella, I have learned to weed out the spammers but they are damn annoying.

    @Kathleen, yeah, I really don’t like selling on Ebay…

    @Kelly, yep, pictures are HUGE. Nah, even if we ever have a child, and even if it is a girl, I doubt my dress would be in style when she gets married. My mother-in-law offered me her dress, which was super sweet, but styles and body types always screw all of that up.

  7. I do use craiglist. In fact I sold my old dryer on craigslist yesterday! Normally I’ll just keep lowering the price until someone buys it or if it doesn’t have much value I’ll take it to goodwill. Solid descriptions and pictures definitely help items to sell. Remember, you can always lower a price on craigslist but good luck getting more than what you listed it for. Start higher and the progressively lower the price until it sells.

  8. I’ve been selling some bigger items on Kijiji (We don’t have Craigslist here), and have more to sell. Anything that doesn’t sell will get donated, eventually. As for your wedding dress, I sold both of mine on eBay, you may have more luck there. 🙂

    I love Kijiji though – quick, painless, a little cash, and the clutter is out of my house!

  9. My wife would never sell her wedding dress. I know many dresses from our grandparents are considered heirlooms and maybe one day the wedding dresses people are wearing now would be looked upon by family as something to cherish. I’m all about getting money for unused stuff, but is $100 really worth giving that up? Seems a tad overboard, but that’s just my sentimental side talking.

  10. @Lance, yep, that is how my dress went from $150 to $100 so far, lol.

    @Kris, I may try Kijiji. Thanks!

    @Joe, Craigslist baby!

    @Money Beagle, yes, $100 is worth having my closet space back. Plus, I have awesome pics of my wedding day. 🙂 Or as my husband put it when I asked him what he thought, “I like money.” 🙂

  11. Have you tried to sell it? No costs and free to sign up. it’s a fast moving site and a lot of fun too!

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