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We Truly Enjoyed Our Airbnb Weekend Away from Adulting

My bestie, Dee, and I have taken about half a dozen trips together over the last 5 years.  Our tradition for the last 3 years has become to escape to unique Airbnb locations annually to simply hang out. 

In 2016, we stayed in an RV near Canyon Lake and tubed the river during the day and found a great, friendly bar to hang out at in the evenings.  Last year we snuck in a quick overnight trip to a nature cabin overlooking the river just so we could swim while watching fireflies turn the garden into a fairy oasis.  And this year, we packed up her 9 month old daughter and headed to a 2 bedroom bungalow on a little farm surrounded by the neighbor’s cows that had its own goats and chickens – all about an hour away from our own homes.

Our Relaxing Small Farm Weekend

It was a very relaxing weekend.  The bungalow was clean, fully stocked, and the farm animals were lots of fun to visit.  They even had two amazingly friendly dogs who just loved all the pets.  We got to eat fresh chicken eggs every morning and drank mocktails before feeding handfuls of grass to the goats.  During the tour of the green house that would make my parents jealous, I realized they may want to check out land in Bellville, hahaha.

We also got lucky on our timing and popped into a local farmer’s market and vendor area on Saturday.  We left with less cash, but our tummies were full and we had a couple of bags of mementos.

Overall, a weekend away from adulting was exactly what we needed.  The baby got to meet goats for the first time and Dee and I got to talk, sleep, use a commercial grade kitchen to whip up a few dinners, and just generally let go for a couple of nights.  With my baby belly growing and all of those first-time mom worries on the brain, it was nice to just be somewhere else for a bit.

Use the Airbnb Search Filters

If you want to pop away from your own life for a bit, I do highly suggest checking out Airbnb (that referral link should get you $40 off your first trip too).  The trick is to look for the sorts of listings that sound fun for you and yours, and then read ALL of the reviews.  Between the description from the owners and a bunch of details from the reviews, you’ll find the perfect place to crash at for as long as you need.

For this trip, I used their filters to search for farms that had their own extra spaces for guests (not just rooms in houses with the owners) along with air conditioning and breakfast provisions.  I then zoomed in on the map to find places within a couple of hours or less that matched those criteria.  I seem to be getting better at finding unique spots by playing around with the options and filters and then adjusting my searches based on what I find that looks like the most fun.

What sort of getaway sounds fantabulous to you?  A weekend living it up in an urban high rise?  A bed and breakfast in the country?  An RV in a great camping area?  Heck, I even saw a few castles.  I was seriously considering homes with secret rooms or passageways, but the options I liked were too far away from us for this past weekend’s plans.  Maybe next year!

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  1. Sounds heavenly, glad you and your friend could do that. *sigh* I can’t afford things like that right now.

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