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8 comments to Weekly Favorites and Gratitude!

  • Thanks for the mention!

    Wow, a great bunch of links you’ve compiled! I’ll have to check them all out (especially Squirrelers, I’ve never been to that site yet)!

    I’d like to say thank you for going such a great job blogging. Since I started reading your site, my days are a bit more positive!!! :)

  • BFS

    Money Reasons, awww…thanks for the smile. Squirrelers is great. I’m going to have to thank Kris at Everyday Tips for mentioning your site to me since it makes my day too! So thanks to you too!

    I had seen MR in passing mentioned elsewhere of course, but Kris actually suggested your site directly…very cool. I love meeting all you cool peeps! (Yes, I said peeps…my husband teaches middle school and brings this stuff home, lol)

  • Love the new site! I think it looks great!

    Thanks for the mention too. I can’t wait to look around more.

  • BFS

    Thanks Everyday Tips!

    For everybody looking around, please feel free to email me any suggestions that you come up with, thanks!

  • Thanks for plugging my giveaway!

  • Thanks for including me in your faves, I appreciate it!

  • BFS

    Your welcome Mike and Squirrelers!

  • BillV

    Squirrler; funny Blackjack story. Mr intensity probably figured you “stole” his Ace, lol. I’d have posted this on your site, but I couldn’t tell if the required email maeant mine would show.

    PS I starting to think everyone but 3 of us from FMF has their own blog.