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Weekly Favorites, Gratitude, and Giveaways #14

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Also, check out my other blog, Crystal Clear Thoughts,
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I also just posted How I SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

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My Favorite Posts this Week

Guest Posts at BFS

Thank you for a day off!

If you would like to guest post on BFS, please contact me with your idea or post and I’d love to have you over for the day! If you are a business, please contact me here for more details. Thanks!

Giveaways and Other Info

Blog Carnivals

My carnival – Totally Money Blog Carnival – was all Outrageous Tax Ddeductions
at Wealth Informatics!
Please check out the
last edition and submit here every week!

If you are hosting a carnival that includes Budgeting in the Fun Stuff, please email me so I can include it in my roundup. Thanks!

Top 25 Referring Sites to BFS in February 2011:

  1. Free Money Finance
  2. Yakezie 
  3. The Saved Quarter
  4. Grumpy Rumblings of the Untenured
  5. Punch Debt in the Face
  6. Money Crashers 
  7. Funny About Money
  8. Len Penzo
  9. Retire by 40
  10. Invest It Wisely 
  11. Sweating the Big Stuff
  12. Money Reasons
  13. PF Firewall
  14. Cents to Save
  15. Mukhang Pera
  16. Everyday Tips and Thoughts
  17. Squirrelers
  18. Life And My Finances
  19. Saving Money Today
  20. Frugal Scholar
  21. First Gen American
  22. Maximizing Money
  23. Buck Inspire
  24. Well Heeled Blog
  25. Molly on Money

Feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions. I’d love to add a few more blogs to my regular reading list or at least give a shout-out for great posts or contests.

As always, thanks to all the bloggers that teach me something new every day. Thanks to all my commenters for making this blog the community I want it to be. Thanks to all my “lurkers” too. ;-) I hope everybody is enjoying this as much as me!

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