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Weekly Favorites, Gratitude, and Giveaways #136

Weekly Updates

  • This week was all about dog sitting and finishing up the month.  Busy, busy!  It’s been nice to catch up on sleep.  And based on the end of February, I’m looking forward to March.  Financially, February was a normal, short month, which is fine by me.  Every normal month is another month self-employed.  :-)
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Weekly Favorites

  • Solving the Money Puzzle with Money Tensions At Work This Week  LOL, the reasoning behind the puppy photos is hilarious!
  • Money Talks Coaching with My 8 Year Old Started Investing  Woot!
  • Faithful with a Few with 7 Ways to Become a Saver – Even if You’ve Never Been One Before  It seems odd to say to ignore credit card debt, but while you build some padding, it does make sense to just pay the minimums and then hit it big time when you can stop using it as back up income.
  • Beating Broke with Stretching Your Produce Budget Further  I’m big on freezing stuff.  I never want to spend the time on canning…
  • Wealth Informatics with Five Reasons to Start Your Estate Planning Now  I started now so that it would be easier to handle stuff if we die at the same time.
  • Thingineering with 9 Food Habits of a Thingineering Family  I think a big one for me is just having one meal for everyone.  I think it seems a bit indulgent to make a separate kind of meal for the picky child.  I mean, picky is going to happen, but then they can pick to have rice instead of green beans or visa versa with their chicken.  Not hotdogs instead of the chicken we made already…
  • Practical Cents with There’s Nothing Wrong with Renting  True!  We own one home outright and are paying off a mortgage on our current home, but renting isn’t wrong.  In our area, it just doesn’t cost much more (or any more at all in some cases) to buy.
  • Cash Cow Couple with Money. Is that all there is to life?  Nope.  It just allows for more options.  :-)
  • Money Beagle with 5 Reasons You Should Not Lease A Car  The “not owning” but “being responsible for everything” part gets me.  If I was uber-wealthy and wanted a temporary car, I would just rent and make sure to use a credit card that gives me automatic insurance coverage for anything that happens.
  • Eyes on the Dollar with Do We Have to Have a Birthday Party?  Not a traditional one.  My family always makes me feel special, but I only had “traditional” parties a handful of times.  Overall, just celebrating the day through my favorite activity or meal has always been a winner.  I do think it’s important for every kid AND adult to have their special day once a year.  :-)

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  1. Budgets Are Sexy
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  3. Get Rich Slowly
  4. Free Money Finance
  5. Newlyweds on a Budget
  6. I Pick Up Pennies
  7. Reach Financial Independence
  8. I Heart Budgets
  9. Dinks Finance
  10. Funny About Money

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As always, thanks to all the bloggers that teach me something new every day. Thanks to all my commenters for making this blog the community I want it to be. Thanks to all my lurkers too. ;-)

I hope everybody is enjoying this as much as me!

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