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Weekly Tidbits and Favorites – May 21, 2016 – 11th Wedding Anniversary!

I’m doing these roundups and updates to push myself to read other blogs and to stay connected. Hope you can find some new-to-you awesome people too!

Weekly Personal Note from Crystal

Today is my 11th Year Wedding Anniversary with Mr. BFS!  We started dating in October 2001, got engaged in 2002, and got hitched a week after I graduated from college in May 2005.  That means that we’ve been together since we were 18 years old.  We made it through college, through becoming adults, through career changes, and have successfully never killed each other through it all.  Now we’re trying to have a baby.

He doesn’t read my blog very often, so I can be really, really honest – I’ve always loved my husband, he’s been my best friend for 15 years, and I like him more now than I ever have before.  Our ups have been awesome and our downs haven’t been nearly as bad as those stupid dramas on tv.  I feel like I’ve known him forever, and that is in a good way, lol.  Watching my grandparents go through their end-of-life part while going through the earlier part of my own married life (hopefully…guess it depends on when I croak) has shown me that age is a blessing and a curse.  With every day that passes, my husband and I have learned how to show love and be loved better.  I hope we can spend the next 50-60 years perfecting that.  😉

In blog-related personal news, you may notice some renovations around here.  I have hired some Pinterest help and am making a huge push to deliver more helpful content for all of you.  Yes, you will see more affiliate links than ever before, but only the ones I really love (Bluehost, who I just switched to, Ting, Amazon, etc…all personal favorites).  And I promise I’ll still be sharing my personal brand of crazy with all of you.  I just realized that using this site as a sort of diary is really only helpful for me and voyeurs (hehehe), BUT I can use it as a diary with lessons learned and help me, voyeurs, and people looking for help too.  I’ll still have paid content and some guest posts, so look at the author field people!  Sabado Domingo is how I make money, the other names that aren’t me (like Libby and Amanda and Jason) are staff writers, and guest posters are introduced in the first sentences.  I’m going to keep this site personal.  Just want to start delivering real value too.

My Weekly Favorite Posts

Blogger Spotlight of the Week

  • A Gai Shan Life  I’ve known of Revanche for years (since before I started blogging in 2010), BUT I just really started to really get to know her.  She is a strong ass woman!  Wife, mother, daughter, money-maker…let’s just say she does it all and with class.  Check out A Gai Shan Life and tell her Crystal sent you.

General Info

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Top 3 Referring Sites to BFS This Past Week:

  1. Single Moms Income
  2. Three is Plenty
  3. And Then We Saved

Thank you! Feel free to email me anytime at budgetingfunstuff *at* if you have any suggestions. I’d love to add a few more blogs to my regular reading list or at least give a shout-out for great posts or contests.

As always, thank you. I appreciate each and every one of you!!!  Have a great week!!!

FYI:  I worked at a dead end cubicle job from 2005-2011 for about $30,000 per year.  I went self-employed in July 2011 and make between $70,000-$90,000 through blogging, professional pet sitting, hubby's reffing, and our rental home.  If you’d like to start your own site (link to my free step-by-step guide), I highly suggest checking out Bluehost (my referral link with a nice discount for you, PLUS a free custom header banner from me!).  Please contact me any time at budgetingfunstuff*at*gmail*dot*com with questions or just to brainstorm! I’d love to help!
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4 thoughts on “Weekly Tidbits and Favorites – May 21, 2016 – 11th Wedding Anniversary!

  1. Happy anniversary! It’s great that you and Mr. BFS found each other so early in life and have been able to grow together. I was already on my journey when me and Ms. GMMW met but having someone to share it with is awesome.

    Great find with the Pinterest article! I’ve never actually even been on the site (I usually web surf as a mental break during my lunch break but my company blocks that site and I’ve never tried to go on while home) so some of the information went over my head. …okay, ALOT of it did. But I guess I’m going to need to finally check it out.

    And a big thanks for the pingback! You’re my first one. Seeing that is kinda like when I stepped into my new car and smelled that “new car smell” for the first time. I’m glad you liked the article, too. The SPWF was great this year and I got to see and do a lot more this time around, including photographing the costume contest, hanging out with some of the musicians, and catching some great bands play that I couldn’t catch in previous years due to my schedule.

  2. @Mitch, having someone to share the journey with is indeed awesome. Kathleen from that Pinterest article is the one overhauling my site, so she definitely knows her stuff. Yay for being your first pingback! Thanks for reading and commenting so often. 🙂

    @Revanche, you’re very welcome and have a great week!

  3. Congratulations on 11 years, Crystal!! We too just celebrated the big 1-1 in February. I love looking back and reminding myself of where we were, where we are, and how we’re gonna keep kick ass wherever we’re headed. I like this new format and seeing the old blog posts come up.

    I’m seeing Pinterest pop up more and more – can’t wait to see how you grow that. It’s a curious platform for sure. 🙂

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