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Welcome to Our New Foster Dog, Dale!

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Daisy has settled in super well with her new family, so Mr. BFS and I have been matched with a foster again. Everyone, meet Dale! He’s 12-18 months old, 50-ish pounds, sweet to everyone, and hasn’t eaten Mr. Pug despite Mr. Pug’s best efforts.

He’s all smiles when he isn’t sleeping, LOL.


Dale Normal
This is Dale in his normal state…

Dale’s Backstory

SMART Animal Rescue has many friends.  One of them is a fellow rescuer named Leo.  Leo and his wife added a/c and heat to their huge barn and currently have 42 rescue animals of their own.  Dale was dropped over Leo’s fence about 5 months ago.  Dale then jumped that 5 foot fence to chase down the car of his cruddy previous owner.  Leo’s neighbor stopped Dale from running into traffic and took him back to Leo since he saw him jump that fence…so he joined the rescue family.  I appreciate them letting me take it from here.

Settling In

Dale’s worst habit so far is random puppy teething like Daisy, but he’s taken to toys much faster. He also is learning not to give hugs.  He’s a quick learner, which has been fun.  Best parts so far – he’s quiet, hasn’t had any potty issues, and is super soft.  😉

Any new animals in your life lately?

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to Our New Foster Dog, Dale!

  1. The dog jumped back over the 5 foot fence to be with his crummy owners! That just breaks my hearts. This dog deserves better. Every animal does. I just made a small donation to Smart Animal Rescue. Leo and his wife are amazing. Adding air conditioning to a barn ??? Wow.
    Crystal, thanks for fostering and letting us all experience it with you.
    ~ Christie

  2. While I love animals and have a cat of my own, I have never fostered a pet due tot he fact that I live in a small size apartment and out a lot.

    My cat doesn’t mind me being out of the house as long as she has plenty of water and food…but if I were to take in another pet, I’d feel guilty leaving my home for long-ish periods.

    That being said, I think that what you are doing is wonderful and what Leo is doing is outstanding!! I’m sure Dale is very happy to be hanging out with you all 🙂

    Take care Crystal and all the best.


  3. Dale sounds like the loyal type. Too bad his owners were not. We are dealing with puppy teething too. So far two leashes (very nice, triple braided sort) have ended in pieces. Our puppy is on his third collar, which is now reinforced, due to having been broken. Puppies just ant to be by your side 24/7, which just is not possible at the moment. I understand others frustration with the amount of time and endurance it takes to teach puppies the basics. They are missing all the rewards of their efforts when they give up and dump their troublesome youngsters though. I hope they don’t dump their own children when they become troublesome. Unfortunately, I have had to help a few teens figure out how to live on their own; so I know it actually happens even with children. Good luck with this foster. He looks pretty content.

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