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Why Planning for Retirement Shouldn’t be a Headache

As many of us are approaching the realization that we have not exactly got a solid plan for our retirement in place, it should go without saying that those with the most foresight among us are likely to be one step ahead.

Factoring in a number of considerations, things can sometimes appear to be overwhelming in terms of planning where we will be and what we will have once we hit retirement age. Yet, how many among us truly understand what we will need once we have said goodbye to our working days? Are we prepared in any way for the various scenarios which could affect us when we reach the age where we should be enjoying our hard-earned resting years? For a number of people, the answer is no. Simply starting to devise a plan which will bring us comfort and clarity as we approach retirement can help, but can also prove tricky. WealthTrace, the retirement planning software I recently purchased has revolutionized the way I am planning for my later years.

Quite simply, prior to using WealthTrace’s software, I was bogged down with information to the point that I left my files and calculator in the study for over a week. Having attempted to factor in so many variables including expected earnings, potential savings, and rates of return, I decided to take the advice of my business partner and give the retirement planner a shot. Having the capacity to enter information into such a user-friendly and straightforward system while yielding comprehensive results helped me to figure out things I didn’t even consider. I realized I was not as prepared as I had initially thought.

WealthTrace’s software allowed me to run various scenarios; calculations and ideas which might have cost me a lot of money had I consulted a retirement planner in person. What was even more pleasing to me was just how much I enjoyed using the software and how aesthetically pleasing it was with the perfectly arranged color codes and quality design. It took my wife some time to heed my request to sit down with me and run through the various pieces of information we were to consider for our retirement, and it took her no less than a couple of hours before she was experimenting with the program herself!

With the WealthTrace software, we found the efficiency and ease of use most rewarding, but it was the level of detail which completely took us by surprise. While we had not expected to find a system like this – and were resigned to working things out the old fashioned way – we honestly could not have figured out so much about our retirement plans in such little time without it.

Accuracy is of major importance when it comes to planning for retirement, and the software certainly delivers in this regard. It can be daunting to try to forecast what bumps in the road lie ahead for workers and the economy as a whole, so to be able to factor in worst case scenarios also gives us an understanding of how capably we could devise a Plan B, Plan C and even a Plan D, should the worst happen.

Once I bought the software, I made enquiries to the support team regarding the navigation and complexity of using WealthTrace and was immensely satisfied with the instructions and responses to my inquires. I was assured that their software is easy to use and was not disappointed. Everything worked just as they said it would, and has been a revelation to both myself and my wife.

Without WealthTrace, I would surely still be up to my elbows in paperwork and as frustrated as they come. This is an excellent product and I am glad I gave it a shot!

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