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Adventures in Baby-Making – The Third Trimester So Far

Hey all y’all!!!  As of today, I’m 33.5 weeks pregnant and our daughter is rocking and rolling!  My baby bump is obvious but I am apparently “carrying well”, so I’m looking good for someone less than 2 months from popping, haha.  She’s still expected to make her way out of me between mid-late June (June 15 is the 40 week mark but first time moms often carry longer). 

I was a bridesmaid last Saturday, and professional hair and makeup is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Here I am at exactly 33 weeks.

Yep, Still Creepy When It’s Yours – But Creepy Cool

The “Alien” style way she likes to stretch and looks to want to burst out right above my belly button is right on cue and just as creepy as it sounds.  Oddly enough, that doesn’t hurt as much as when she pushes super low and crushes my bowels or whatever other important things are down there…maybe the “Alien” writers couldn’t accurately show that level of pain and went for the easy burst out scene…

Also creepy is how my body doesn’t wind down as it loses energy.  It just stops.  One minute, I’ll be chugging right along cutting a tomato for fajita toppings.  Then I just have to stop and sit down for 10 minutes like a switch was flipped in my brain.  At night, I’ll be happily picking up my laptop to type up a blog post.  Then, NOPE.  My body turns off like a robot that gets put away for the night (a robot that then has to wake up every 4 hours to pee).

And yet…this is the really weird part…I’m PROUD of her when she is trying to break out of me and when I’m napping every 5 hours.  Like, “Yep, you’re already a feisty bitch!  Way to go!!!” 

Hubby thinks it’s hilarious.  I’ll push back when she kicks or hits (what I call Baby Whack-a-Mole), the whole time saying things like “Yep, don’t let anyone push you around!” and “Nice right hook!”.  HAHAHAHA

Here is my baby bump when I’m not professionally done up to be gorgeous, lol. 33.5 weeks!
Side view at 33.5 Weeks

Interesting Things to Keep in Mind Now

The first trimester for me was all about “morning sickness” that actually was nausea pretty much all day and throwing up every evening, so I lost like 8 pounds.  The second trimester was pretty easy overall, just got a little tired faster than usual, craved protein like eggs and cheese for every snack and meal, and couldn’t concentrate very long on one specific thing.  But I was able to eat and stopped throwing up for the most part.  I gained back the 8 pounds I lost during the first 13-14 weeks.

This last trimester has been more physical.  My belly bump is hard, not malleable.  So I can’t reach over the side of grocery baskets or into the washer for clothes very easily.  Squatting has become the main way to pick anything up from the floor (or to squeegee the shower doors).  Exhaustion is a thing, so naps have become a major necessity.  I’m heading into the she’s-going-to-double-in-size stretch, so I’m waiting to see the first stretch marks as they pop up.  And so far, my belly button is still an “inny”…but it’s close to popping out like a turkey’s thermometer when it’s done baking.

Third Trimester Notes

I have to make notes in my calendar to stop taking the 81 mg aspirin at week 36.  I’ve already been started on Slow FE iron supplements and those continue through to breast feeding I think, along with the prenatal vitamins.

I also am going to start eating 6 dates per day (yeah, the overly sweet fruit) from week 36 through to the end.  A small study that was published in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology in 2011 (like a total of 114 participants) found that the group who ate 6 dates a day from week 36 to delivery had more occurrences of spontaneous labor (labor starting naturally without Pitocin) and shorter labors overall with less need of medical interventions.  Since this feels like one of those “how can it hurt?” scenarios, I’m going to eat the dates.  If nothing else, dates are good for preventing constipation too!

My Emotions

People keep asking me if I’m excited or if we’re ready.  Honestly, I don’t have an easy answer for that.  I definitely don’t want her out of me yet even though I’m getting uncomfortable.  I need her lungs and all the internal stuff to fully develop and she needs to get some meat on her bones.  I know I’ll be ready to evict her when she is done baking, but I think the last 2-4 weeks are the hardest for every mom ever, lol.

But am I ready to have a baby in the general sense?  Yeah.  I think we are at a point in our lives that the pure exhaustion period won’t break us completely.  It truly helps that we both work from home, so there are actually two of us able to be present and tag teaming baby care.  It wouldn’t have been a full on baby-raising partnership like this in our 20’s.  One of us would have had to go back to a day job and the other one would be doing most of the baby-raising on their own.  So, yes, in a general sense, I guess we are as ready as we’ll ever be. 

Fingers crossed we don’t screw up anything too badly.

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6 thoughts on “Adventures in Baby-Making – The Third Trimester So Far

  1. You look great, Crystal! Definitely carrying her well. If she does come “late” hopefully she’s only having you wait a week. …June 22 to be exact. My birthday. 😉

  2. Once you hit like 36 weeks, consider trying some Evening Primrose Oil capsules. My midwife suggested them and although I went 4 days late, it was overall an easy experience and was slowly dilating up to my due date. You take them by mouth at 36-38 weeks then by mouth AND insert them, um, close to the cervix if you know what I mean 😉 for 38+ weeks until delivery.

  3. You look terrific! I have absolutely no baby advice at all for you, just keep truckin’, eating healthy, doing your thing! I’m so excited to follow your journey and love your updates!

  4. You actually DO look great!

    LOL…never heard of the date treatment, but like you say: what harm can it do?
    They contain a lot of B-vitamins…and they sure taste better than a vitamin pill.

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