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5 Ways to Get Quick Cash

If you’re feeling a bit strapped for cash every month and you have already cut back on as many expenses as you can, you can still find ways to earn extra cash without having to work another job. You can do many of them from home or online. Check out these five ideas for a side hustle that can earn you a bit of spending cash. Sell Your Stuff on eBay Image via Flickr by Semtrio Do you have clothes, shoes, or jewelry sitting around in your closet that you never wear? Selling on eBay can be a viable way to earn some extra cash. You can sell books, camping gear, kids’ stuff, and things that are just gathering dust in your closet and garage. It’s pretty easy to get started with eBay. Simply set up an account with eBay and PayPal, take clear photos of the items you are selling, and set them up for auction or for a buy-it-now option. Once your item has sold, make sure and respond promptly to the buyer and ship in a timely manner. Rent Out a Spare Room in Your House If you have a spare room in your house, you can spruce … Read more

Making an Informed Decision: With Term Insurance, Saving Money Is Easy

If you’ve been looking into purchasing life insurance lately, then the chances are that you’ve discovered the somewhat overwhelming variety of life insurance plans out there, which of course makes it incredibly difficult to decide which one you want. However, today we’re going to be taking back to the basics where we’ll be exploring the ins and outs of a term life insurance policy. Any questions you may have had on term insurance will be answered today, clarifying this is the type of insurance policy you’ve been looking for. This will help you save money in the long-term, enabling you to find the best-suited policy for you and your family. What is a Term Policy? Let’s start with the basics. There are multiple types of term insurance plans out there for you to choose from, many of which we’ll explore here. Decreasing Term This is perhaps the most popular type of term life insurance, but it’s also the most basic. With this term, you can make sure that your mortgage is paid off if you pass away prematurely before it’s paid off. This keeps the mortgage company happy and your family out of debt. As the title suggests, these policies … Read more

Getting Rewards: 3 Outstanding Ways to Earn Extra Benefits with Your Credit Card

Credit card rewards are the best way to get a little more in your pocket simply by spending money on the things you buy every day. The credit card companies want to make it sound very easy. But what they will not tell you is that these programs often come with strings attached and limitations on benefits. So, obtaining credit card rewards is not quite as simple as swiping the card and waiting for the goodies to come. Instead, it’s a process. Step one in this process is to look at each pre-qualified credit card offers you receive and see if the card limit, interest rate, and other credit terms are right for you. Step two is to maximize the available rewards. That’s what the rest of this post is about. Find a Good Fit The best rewards program in the history of rewards programs does you little good if it does not jive with your interests. If travel and working out are not your things, a card which offers airline miles and a gym membership is not for you. At best, you will waste these rewards. At worst, you may spend money you really do not have to obtain … Read more

A Business Owners Guide to Writing a Will Online

Before we even go so far as to encourage you to create a will online, it’s important that you understand why a will is so important. Whether you’re a homeowner, new parent or have any kind of significant assets in general, you should write a will. It’s not too complicated and doesn’t always have to involve a lawyer. There are plenty of ways you can do it online, and most of them take you less than an hour. Here is a simple guide that takes a short amount of time and costs less than $100. Take Stock of Your Assets You need to find and take stock of the significant assets that you own. This is easiest to do yourself if your total net worth is less than $2 million. Anything above that and you trigger estate taxes. Because of how high legal fees have become, most people would rather go through this process without the help of a lawyer. There are, however, cheaper ways to do it online, with some websites walking you through a questionnaire and allowing you to insert your answers for as little as $20. You can also do it with some simple computer software that … Read more

Crypto and Gambling: Yes, it’s Happening!

Photo by Pixabay / CC BY Caption: Could we see their digital counterparts in casinos? You know we love a good poker session here at BFS. So, you’re probably not at all surprised that my husband and I started a poker club in college. Right? But we’re pretty sure that if we went back in time and asked our college-going selves if they thought we’d be playing poker with digital currency only eight years later, we’d have laughed our young heads off. But it’s happening, folks! Yes, cryptocurrency is finally making its way into the gambling industry, and it’s about time, too. But interestingly enough, it’s not the complete breakthrough that most gamblers would have hoped. Is it at the tracks? Nope, you’re not done with cash and credit cards at the track as of yet. The racing industry is notoriously resistant to change, especially when it comes to matters of dollars and cents. But it’s a marriage of convenience that has to happen soon. Think about it: racegoers using their digital wallets to place bets at the track would be a much safer way to handle the vast sums of cash that makes its way through the bookmakers on … Read more

What to Expect in a New Car When You’re Expecting

Expecting a new addition to your family can bring all kinds of new financial stressors, especially when it’s your first time as a new parent. There are so many things to buy and factor in but one of the biggest financial implications you can potentially face is having to buy a new car. Why buy a new car when you’re expecting? Some of you may be asking yourselves, why buying a new car is even factored into the mix when expecting a new baby. If you’re not sure why, then count yourself lucky as you’ve probably already got a family friendly vehicle. Many expectant mothers and fathers will choose to buy a new vehicle during this time of life because they’re old car is too run down, potentially not safe enough for baby or simply just not big enough. This happens often as couples settle down and need to trade in a fun sports car for a more family friendly vehicle, or upgrade to a larger vehicle for more children. Safety first If you’ve decided to buy a new car for safety reasons or you simply need an upgrade before baby arrives, you should always consider safety first when buying … Read more

5 Key Guidelines to Save Money for Your Retirement

Retiring may seem a like a blessing, but living without an income can quickly become a nightmare, especially If you have no savings. Retirement doesn’t mean you are switching from the grinding gears of corporate machine to a life of leisure. It doesn’t mean your earning days have ended and you now live to spend your money. There are lots of do-over in life, but retirement is not one of them. Therefore, it’s imperative you make smart financial moves.  Today, we are sharing essential saving tips that will help you make smart financial decisions and lead a prosperous retired life. Not Saving Enough The only thing worse than not saving for retirement is not saving enough. Sometimes, people who save aren’t doing enough. Yes, you may struggle to make ends meet during retirement, but the issue remains we like to spend more than we earn. High spending during retirement is a sure way to financial trouble. You shouldn’t prioritize your present desires over your future’s needs.  So, once you sign up for a 401 (k), you need to find the ideal amount to contribute regularly. The employer may contribute up to 3 percent, but it’s better if you take control … Read more