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Baby Update – One Month to Go!!!

It’s hard to blog, or really accomplish anything, right now.  I’m in a weird limbo world where I want to get everything ready for our daughter’s arrival, but naps, Facebook, tv, and absolutely any other time waster seems way more attractive.  🙂

Baby Making Update

My baby bump has inflated, we’ve finished our hospital birthing classes, we’ve done the hospital tour and pre-registered, and now it’s just weekly doctor appointments and waiting to pop while I keep swallowing acid reducers to stay sane.

This little one is developing really well!  All of her measurements are coming in fine.  She’s already around 6 pounds with a month to go, which they think is perfectly healthy and not too big at the same time.  All of my tests have come back fine.  All of my baby-delivering parts are where they need to be and doing what they need to do.  So far, so good!

Physically, making a mini-human hasn’t been all bad for me.   Granted, I still wouldn’t be one of those women who say, “I loved being pregnant!”, but all of my friends and family have had it worse. 

The Annoying Parts

I had the “morning” sickness that first trimester, but it mainly hit me at night before bed and actually tapered off by week 14.  I had a few other classic symptoms like certain smells making me nauseous (raw onion for example).  I’ve craved lots of protein throughout.  Now I have that relaxant hormone coursing through my system, so my joints are so pliable that they are sore in the mornings, I have to wear hand braces when I sleep, and I spend 10 minutes stretching when I wake up. 

Oh, and the physical exhaustion is real.  I just wind down like an old toy and have to lay down pretty often.  Even if I’m not sleepy, I have to put up my legs and just hang out on my back doing stuff on my phone or listening to music.  I highly respect all the women who power through this part and work to the very end.  I think I could do it, but I am extremely grateful I don’t have to test that theory.  I had an extremely busy pet sitting day last week and spent the next 36 hours pretty much sleeping it off…

The ”I’m Lucky” Parts

And yet, all of those symptoms are like easy-peasy compared to all the other pregnant women I personally know.  That says something about human procreation…

And while all of that physical stuff is happening, my mental stuff is chugging along oddly too.  I’m way more mellow.  I’ve stopped over-thinking my work/life balance.  I just handle what I have to handle the best I can and move on.  Making a baby puts a crap ton into perspective.  Worrying myself into a constant state of discontentment was NOT healthy and that had been like the last 2-3 years of my life. 

I’m super content with my current life even though I’m generally less productive.  I’m beyond grateful for our support network of amazingly supportive family and friends.  I flat out adore my currently overprotective husband and all of the things he’s been doing to help in whatever ways he can.  These hormones I’m pumping out are really making our marriage a lot easier than ever before.  He just wants to make me happy, I just want to make him happy …seems to work out well. 


We are making enough to cover our bills and the savings goals we have, and that’s all I really care about at this point.  I mean, I’m a human incubator that will be turning into a mini-human’s primary food source.  As long as I can keep our main two businesses running at the same time, I’m going to consider myself an amazing success and move on with life. 

And thanks to my hubby and our pet sitter team member, T, Crystal’s Cozy Care and Budgeting in the Fun Stuff will be chugging along just fine with minimal time from myself needed for the next 2-3 months.  I’m proud about that…it’s taken years to get our finances and our systems to a point where everything won’t crash without me while I recover.

Best I’ve Ever Been Overall

I’m mentally in the best place I’ve ever been.  I’m simply happy.  I feel loved.  Both of our families and all of our friends have been as supportive as possible.  I’ve been making new friendships with other parents in the area who have been generous with baby stuff donations and advice.  I still try to help others, though it’s become more advice-related online than physically being able to do much.  Crystal’s Cozy Care Pet Sitting has built up an amazing reputation because we actually care.

In many ways, pregnancy is a mentally and physically abusive process.  It’s definitely not for sissies.  But it has definitely highlighted the goodness in our lives and I’m feeling more like my positive self of 10 years ago. 

Here’s hoping this reclaimed optimism lasts!!!

PS  People keep asking if we’re ready.  Well, we’re not freaking out, and we seem to have 99% of the supplies what we need to have for her…that’s pretty much as ready as we’ll ever be.  Within the next 2 weeks, we’re installing our car seat bases, putting on the water-proof mattress protectors on our bed and the crib bed, packing our hospital bags (one little one for Labor and Delivery and one regular one for our general stuff for the 2 days after like they suggested), and we’ll be finishing up organizing all of the baby stuff so we’ll know where to find it when the bodily fluids are flying around, lol.

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4 thoughts on “Baby Update – One Month to Go!!!

  1. You will get to a point where you’re running around like a nut trying to clean, prepare, decorate ALL. THE. THINGS.
    Have you met with a lactation consultant or nurse? I waited too late and never did get to a place where I could BF. Apparently the shields on the pumps come on different sizes and I didn’t do enough eating and drinking water, so I wasn’t a good source and once my daughter figured that out she refused!! I pumped for a while but usually took a long time to get 4oz. So I just gave up. I might have done better if I had sought guidance ahead of time.

  2. LOL! Exactly the same thing happened here as with MomofTwoPreciousGirls: the last phase is this crazy nesting instinct kicking in. 😀 Then you’ll KNOW!

    Lucky little kid to have such clever AND good-lookin’ parents. <3

  3. Hey, what great news. Can’t wait to read all the ‘mommy’ updates. It’s been almost 5 years since I was pregnant and except for 3 weeks when I was really miserable (morning sickness), it was one of the best times of my life.

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