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The Gender Reveal!!!

Hope your holidays were awesome!!!  I’ve been feeling truly loved and lucky.  I think these past few weeks have been some of the best of my life.  I had a great trip overnight with my family and had a really good time with my parents, one of my uncles, and one of my sisters and her family.  I’m very proud of my other sister who was hard at work at her first job.  We then had an entire relaxed day with my inlaws – eating and talking and hanging out with his cousin’s 4 month old.  We were completely spoiled by both sides of our family and I feel extremely lucky to have the support network we do with this kid on the way!!! We also attended our annual 4 day board gaming convention the weekend after Christmas.  So we were able to ring in the new year with laughter, board games, and a surprise birthday dinner for me thanks to friends.  This week is filled with more birthday fun with both of our families, so woot! And to top it all off, between Christmas and New Year’s, we finally received the results from those blood samples they took from … Read more

Obligatory but Awesome Christmas Gift Post

The annual Christmas gift ideas post by Crystal, perfect for nerdy friends!

I’m one of those people who sincerely enjoy the gift giving part of Christmas.   I bask in the hunt to find gifts for my loved ones that they’d truly use and enjoy.  The sticking point is that means finding gifts for 25-30 people, generally on a budget of $400-$500. Here are a few of my favorite ideas this year for $20 or less… My Funny Gift Winner Here’s a $10-$15 funny wine glass sure to make anybody laugh. Personalized Movie Night or Book Baskets – ALL the Details I put together these sorts of gift baskets for people who are picky or already buy what they want.  All you need to do is pay attention to what sort of movies or books they enjoy.  Then find something in that genre for sale. For example, action movie fans may like R.E.D. and it’s on sale right now on Amazon (Dec. 12, 2016) for less than $4 for the DVD or $10 for the Blu-ray.  If they enjoy heist movies / con movies, Inside Man is one of our absolute faves and is on sale for $6 DVD or $10 Blu-Ray too.  And comedies like Mrs. Doubtfire are $4-$9. For books, get … Read more

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

The Professional Pet Sitter Limerick A Crystal Stemberger Original There once was a pet sitter from Nantucket, She was asked to care for a fish in a bucket, “Sure!”, she declared (even though the fish was impaired). But now she’s so busy she can say f…ummm…no thanks… Happy Thanksgiving!!! Guess who travels on Thanksgiving?  Pet owners!  🙂 My hubby and I are SWAMPED for the next 7 days – pet sitting, hosting a Friendsgiving with an 21 pound turkey and a few of our cheap and easy side dish recipes, and visiting our families.  During any free moments stolen away, I’ll be writing and scheduling posts in advance just for you.  Woot! So unless I actually get around to writing about the big sale for the affiliate marketing course that has been helping me so much for the last few months, check back next Monday for a new piece of awesome! In the meantime, comment below for what you are thankful for right this second?  In this exact moment as you finish reading this question? My in-the-moment thanks is split between my sweet husband who just kissed me on the cheek and the peanut butter and strawberry jam fold-over I devoured 10 minutes ago…

How to Make a Yard Spider – Our Newest Halloween Addition

This is a super fun but still cheap Halloween decoration. We're going to have the best DIY haunted house on the block this year thanks to tutorials like this one. Decorating for the holidays is so much fun, but can be hard on my budget. Frugal hacks ftw!

Two years ago, I grabbed some stuff from Home Depot and created this new addition to our Halloween decoration family… My Giant Yard Spider – Elspira Meet Elspira (Elvira but a spider…get it?  Hehehe) – she makes me smile. Here is how you can make a giant yard spider of your own. Things to Gather Here are the items I bought from Home Depot (you can use my affiliate link to see their specials and get free shipping on most orders over $45) and their cost in 2014: Six 6′ foam pipe covers (enough to make sixteen 2 foot parts) – $10 Eight 1/2 inch elbow socket pipe parts – $1.75 Black electrical tape – $3 Two Black plastic bags (already had them from Costco) – $1 Filler (we used old newspaper and a spare brick for the body) – $N/A Foam plate (or something to make the eyes and extras) – $N/A Two wire coat hangers (or something to make spikes) – $N/A Total Cost = $15.75 Steps to Making a Yard Spider Cut the foam into sixteen, 2 foot sections. Join two sections of the foam together using an elbow socket pipe part and black electrical tape. Repeat 7 times. Fill one plastic bag to … Read more