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Please Don’t Be Fully Financially Dependent on Someone Else

For anybody new, I’m 20-21 weeks pregnant as of right now.  I’ve been blogging about personal finance, budgeting, and my life in general here since February 2010.  And I just joined a few mommy Facebook groups in the last few weeks to help myself prepare for what is coming and to start building support networks since only a couple of our friends have kids.  Main New Mommy Group Topics Here is what I’ve figured out by just looking around the mommy group posts every day: 1.  Sleep is HUGE.  Sleep training versus just holding them versus whatever is like THE TOPIC, always.  I’m leaning towards a steady routine so they get used to a process, but obviously, there are dozens of ways to handle sleep time and you do whatever works for you, boo boo. 2.  Lack of partner support is sadly also one of the top topics.  Like depressingly prevalent.  For the record, I’m with anybody who says that partners don’t babysit their own kids while a mom takes a break.  It’s called taking care of your kid.  I get that we pregnant women have the breast milk and whatnot.  But that doesn’t mean the entire raising process of … Read more

75+ Cheap Wedding Tips and Tricks for Events of Any Size

Wedding budgets can get out of control in a hurry. I love this list of cheap wedding tips and tricks. They'll help me have an epic day with a small budget. It's hard to know what to DIY, what to skip to save and what to splurge on. I love finding ways to keep costs down but but still be fabulous Simple ideas like shopping at dollar stores for decor make complete sense. PIN THIS FOR WEDDING PLANNING!

Our close friends are getting married in October, and their wedding plans are impressing the hell out of me! They are active, frugal people who are planning a unique wedding for 100+ guests that will be an extremely fun, yet simple, celebration of their future together. This has inspired me to throw together some cheap wedding tips that can save anybody some money when planning their wedding or event of any size. Start with the Guest List The fewer guests, the cheaper. But you don’t have to have a small wedding to avoid going broke. Type up an actual list or use a wedding organizer to create a list of who you’d like to see at your wedding. It may be more people than you originally guesstimated. That’s okay! The amount of people who can show up will vary based on all of the specific factors of your event. According to several sites online that popped up on my search, only 30-40% of your guests will show up for special events like destination weddings, and 85% is the high rule of thumb even if everyone you invite is local and your planned day just happens to be perfect for them … Read more

10 Free Tips to Keep Your Relationship Spicy (For Women and Men)

Okay, so I’ll just throw this out there – keeping things sexy starts by being in a good place between you and your significant other (SO). If that’s covered, then I’m guessing that you’re only reading this because you’re wondering if I have any new ideas and/or you liked the “free” part.  Got your attention!  Let’s see if any of these sound good to you. Communication You don’t have to hire a sky writer to make an impression. Here are some free ways to communicate your intentions. 1.  Compliments – It sounds obvious, but if you haven’t hit on each other recently, try it. Something as simple as whistling when they put on their pants or whispering a lovey-dovey “you look great in that” in their ear can ramp up the hormones. 2.  Notes – Aren’t amazing with verbalizing your feelings? Try writing a sexually charged note or plan for the evening down and putting it in your SO’s line-of-sight before they go off to work for the day. Or slip it into their laptop case. The point is that at some point during their day, they will have a nice surprise and get to think on it until they … Read more

Be Amazingly Romantic On a Budget!

I came home from pet sitting one evening last week and Mr. BFS was waiting in the garage as I parked.  He chatted with me while I plopped my stuff down in the kitchen, and then he took my hand and led me into our bedroom.  Yes, I know what you are thinking because I was thinking that too.  But nope.  He had transformed our bedroom into a massage oasis!!! Massage Heaven Let me try to really describe the awesome… My hubby had set up a twin-sized mattress from the guest bed upstairs on the floor of our room (made with a soft sheet and the flat pillow had a soft pillow case too), had natural reedy music playing in the background, had set the temperature to exactly 75 degrees, and the entire room was only lit by the light from 6 white, unscented pillar candles.  He gave me an amazing full body massage for more than an hour using a hypoallergenic massage oil that he had heated to slightly warmer than body temp and it smelled like toasted almonds and maraschino cherries.  And he used actual massage techniques that he looked up online in advance. To top off the super relaxing evening, as … Read more

The Business of Polyamory

This is so fascinating! This couple has an open relationship, they aren't swingers but are polyamorous and it has all sorts of implications for their budget. Dating is expensive and deciding on an entertainment budget that works for everyone is quite a challenge. Definitely an interesting read!

The following is from my in-real-life friend, Hillary.  I knew she and Gary have an open marriage, but I never thought about how that could be a detriment to a budget!  Please think before commenting since I know this may be something new for some people to read about.  They’ve been married since March 2006, so obviously it works for them.  I’m a territorial monogamist myself, so I know that polyamory isn’t for everyone, but I also never hold it against others on who they love.  Feel free to ask any questions you have and I’ll get Hillary’s responses for you!  I ask her everything since I think it is amazingly interesting and she doesn’t mind answering directly – sound like someone you may already know?  😉 Dating life is normally taxing on ones’ wallet. Movie tickets and a nice meal can run you upward of a $100 and look out if one of you wants popcorn. Now imagine you have two serious relationships to attend to and a husband with four different girls to take out on the town. It adds up, quickly. Polyamory My husband, Gary, and I are polyamorous. As opposed to swingers, who don’t necessarily have as much of a … Read more

I’m Going to be a Bridesmaid! Oh, and a Baby is on the Way!!!

I am 31 years old and have two younger sisters.  We were pretty spread out – one of my sisters is 8 years younger than me and the other is 13 years younger.  Well, my 23 year old sister announced her engagement to a great guy a couple of months ago!!!  I’ve spent a few hours around him several times and I think he’s going to be a GREAT brother and they make an adorable couple.  😀  I’m super excited about the wedding! There’s a Baby on the Way!!! That said, me being a bridesmaid in a wedding that’s in August has just taken a backseat to new info – she is now pregnant!!!  WOOT!!!  I’m going to be an aunt!!!  Baby on the way!!! Now, before anybody jumps to any conclusions, the pregnancy happened after the engagement and it was a logical decision based on several factors that it isn’t my place to share.  And if you still want to be judgmental, don’t do it in my comment section because I will delete you. Since I haven’t jumped on the baby-making wagon yet, this is the first grandkid in the works for my parents.  We’re all super excited and just holding our … Read more

Taking a Step Back from Being the Budget Nazi

Sometimes, money just doesn’t matter as much as your sanity.  I think I am going to take a little break from being on top of absolutely everything money-related for a couple of months at least. Driving My Spouse Crazy On Monday, I went inside of a Popeyes Chicken to get a $1 refund since they overcharged us in the drive-through for hubby’s meal.  Since Mr. BFS had already paid and just wanted to blow it off, it annoyed him that I pursued it.  I was annoyed that he was annoyed at me for getting our money back, so we started snapping at each other (come on, admit it, that is always how the stupid fights start…) Anyway, the end result was that Mr. BFS thinks that I prioritize money above all and it frustrates him when I expect him to do the same.  Well, boogers on that.  I don’t want to worry about money any more than the next person, but I sort of just naturally do… That said, I am now on a self-imposed money-thinking break.  I’ll still get the bills paid and do the basics, but we are not tracking our food spending or anything else.  We’ll just do … Read more