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Morning Sickness is a Sick Lie

“Morning sickness” implies you are sick in the mornings.  Guess what?  Every pregnancy is different, but the vast majority of women who get “morning sickness” are NOT just blessed with the morning pukes.  It’s nausea, very much like motion sickness on steroids, which comes and goes ALL day.  Then, depending on your own personal hell pregnancy, you projectile vomit randomly as well. 

For me, it’s being physically ill generally at night with some mornings thrown in for fun.  And nausea off and on the entire time I’m awake.  And get this, I’m actually a really lucky pregnant lady.  My friend, Dee, was sick even worse than me for a vast majority of her pregnancy.  And my sister had the kind that starts scaring everybody because you can’t keep enough food down to actually survive without the constant drip of a portable medical pump full of anti-nausea meds. 

So yeah, I’m a lucky one and yet, I want to find the person who coined “morning sickness” and punch them solidly in their own stomach after they finish a large meal.

Pregnancy Sickness and Personal Finance

What does this have to do with personal finance?  I was going to say, “not a damn thing”, but it actually does affect my spending.  Since I don’t get to keep everything in my stomach, when I do eat, I eat what I want exactly when I want it.  Sometimes that is something already at home.  But sometimes the idea that hits the spot is at a restaurant around our little part of town.   

In short, I have pretty much blown off any idea of a food budget though I am trying to stay cheap wherever I go.  If I don’t throw up whatever my last meal was, I consider it money well spent .  If I do, then I literally flush it down the toilet and roll my eyes at the wonders of procreation. 

How do any of you poor suckers talk yourself into doing this twice or more?!  The hormones that wipe your memory clean after birth must be the strongest chemicals to ever grace the human body.  I cannot wait for my ever-loving dose!

That is all…

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6 thoughts on “Morning Sickness is a Sick Lie

  1. Oh I feel your pain 🙁
    Chat with your OB, when I was pregnant with both my girls (9-10 years ago so definitely make sure still ok!) my third trimester I had raging night sickness. It was awful. My OB suggested Unisom sleep aids. Since it’s at night it helps you sleep and had some ingredient that helped with the nausea. Was considered safe to take. It really helped along with keeping a box of wheat thins on my nightstand!

    If this doesn’t work out I hope the sickness just goes away. Feel better and congratulations!!!

  2. During the time my wife was going through this exact same thing, I made us stop going out to dinner because I figured that spending money on something that she was going to throw up an hour later didn’t make a lot of sense.

    But she got through it eventually and we started going out again! 🙂

  3. You eat anything you can keep down to survive the first trimester!

    I used to sit next to the toilet at nights, instead of reading in bed, and spent from 8am to 5pm starving and nauseated… “morning” sickness my left pinky toe!!

    By 5 pm, I remember crying to PiC that I was so huuuungry, he jokingly suggested steak, and then bam, we HAD to get steak because dude, you do not mess with a hungry pregnant woman. That was the best mediocre steak I’ve ever had.

    Other women apparently have it better than I did, I remember every bit of those nausea-filled days, and sleepless nights, and the itching from the PUPPS. I don’t wanna go through any of that again.

  4. I’m so happy for you! I was the same way. My advice: stay away from your favorite restaurants. I ate at Chipotle (which I used to love) and then had a huge bout of morning sickness. To this day, it still makes me nauseous. I actually saved a ton on my food budget the first few months because all I could really eat was watermelon (which I recommend). It is not that expensive that time of year in the south. I wish I could say it will end, but unfortunately, I had it the entire time. We all feel for you.

  5. Holy cow! I missed that you are pregnant! Congratulations, lady!!! Yeah, morning sickness is a bitch. I remember thinking it wasn’t so bad until BAM! All that healthy food in my fridge got tossed out in favor of anything that wouldn’t make me hurl. Just do whatever you have to do to get past it =-). Hang in there!

  6. I feel for you and hope it does end soon. I was very lucky in that it was mainly nausea with very little actual puking. But I recall the only things that seemed appetizing was the really greasy junk food. I couldn’t even stand the smell of anything healthy. I will say that those memory-erasing hormones are pretty amazing! I couldn’t even fathom a love that big when I saw my firstborn. Good luck to you!!

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