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Online Payment Services you Might Not Have Heard About

Online money transfer services have been around since the 1990s, and have gained a lot of traction in the last decade. PayPal, perhaps the best-known online money transfer service, is hugely popular partly because of its ties to eBay… and that’s about as much the average internet user knows about these services. While PayPal is certainly the most widely used online payment and money transfer service used by merchants and private individuals alike, it’s by far not the only such service available today. Different markets have different methods available, and some of them have a vast and flexible set of services everyone should at least know about.


NETELLER might not be the most widespread – or cheapest – online wallet of them all, but it’s pretty widespread, especially among those involved in online gambling. For years, it was the go-to provider of safe and secure transactions for online gambling venues and players. What most people don’t know about NETELLER is that it has a very flexible feature set that not many other similar services can offer.

It can be – and is – used as a web wallet like all others, perfect for making deposits and claiming winnings at the likes of the Vegas Palms Casino. Due to its liberal policies and global access, it is among the preferred payment methods for Vegas Palms players – it’s fast, reliable, and trusted. Aside from its online services, it can also provide users with a virtual or real life MasterCard linked directly to their NETELLER account. These can be used to pay online and in real life, and even to withdraw cash from ATMs.

One of the things that make NETELLER special is that its users can top up their accounts using Bitcoins.


Alipay is not the most widespread and used online wallet in the West but it has a 400 million (and counting) user base in Asia, which makes it the biggest online payments platform in the world. Launched by Jack Ma’s Alibaba Group, Alipay, in 2004, Alipay has spread like wildfire in China and beyond. The service supports payments in 14 international currencies, it works with over 300 major global merchants that sell directly to China, and works with over 60 major financial institutions, like VISA and MasterCard.

It has quite a few useful services for its users aside from its online money transfers – it can be used as a payment method for daily expenses like bills and groceries (over 400,000 Chinese businesses and institutions work with it), it can transfer funds to bank accounts directly, and even has an option for its users to set aside a share of their idle money for investments.

Online payments might in the future render bank tellers and ATMs obsolete. With such a flexibility of services, this may happen sooner rather than later.

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