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Our New Dog and Other Life Updates

I’m so far behind on keeping y’all updated that it feels overwhelming.  Here…let me unload in sections and then see where we can go from there!

We’re Welcoming a New Doggy!

We’re finally adopting a pup again!  Her name is Khaleesi (no, we didn’t pick that…I would have gone with Xena, hehehe).  She’s a sweet mutt who is medium-sized (35-45 pounds), 8-10 years old, seems pretty mellow, and likes all humans and other animals.

Khaleesi August 2017

In May, she was near death thanks to starvation and a bad skin condition, so she was about to be euthanized at an animal shelter.  They called one of my Chow-rescuing pet sitting clients, Valory, about the “chow that needs to be saved”.  Well upon arrival, Khaleesi was definitely not a Chow but Valory couldn’t leave her to die, so she has been recovering for a few months.  Now she’ll be part of our family for the rest of her life.

We’re excited; though a little worried she may like the cats more than us.  She’s tried licking Miss Rachel’s face multiple times now…and seems to think hissing is an interesting form of showing love.  Len has been calling her Pepe Le Pew since that is almost exactly how she seems to stalk our cats room to room – they sprint and then she persistently walks after them to try to smell their butts and lick their faces.  She’s old, so our 4 year old cats have no problem hopping onto things she can’t reach, or they just wait for her to take naps before they come close to check her out.  I feel like they’ll be sharing napping couches within the next month.

Won My Dietbets So Far

I’ve been betting $90-$125 per month on Dietbet that I can lose weight.  I’ve won the 7 Dietbets I have participated in so far, but this month will be a bit harder since I lost all of my food tracking willpower for about 2 weeks (the last week of our extended Hurricane Harvey cruise and the following week).

I’m back on track in a big way because I don’t want to lose any of my money, LOL.  Being cheap can come in handy.  I have 2 weeks left to lose 4-5 pounds, so wish me luck!


Pet sitting has become our main income source, but we’re also still managing blog ads.  We then add in rental income and Len’s sports officiating checks.

Overall we’re still making more than we need, saving our target amounts to the target accounts, and are having fun along the way.  Even on really bad days, I am grateful for what we’ve created.  Savings means we have flexibility.  That flexibility is the best benefit in the world when it comes to our life as a whole.

With our personal finances, I’ve gotten truly lazy.  We charge all of the regular expenses to our credit cards (paying attention to the rotating 5% categories).  Heck, most of those expenses are auto-charged.  Then I pay those credit card bills off each and every month.  Cash back without the loss of paying interest.

As long as our bills and our future are covered, I give zero shits about the rest of the financial noise.   I still shop around for the best deals on the big expenses like insurances and utilities, but if Len spends $5 on a tablet game, I don’t care.  I also get $30 solar nails pretty regularly.  I’m sure we waste thousands of dollars a year, but life has been emotionally draining and truly eye opening.

My Changing Financial Mindset

That is actually why I stopped posting here as often…I didn’t want to admit publicly that this anal-retentive budget Nazi sort of stopped caring about 99% of the stuff she used to care about when it came to money.  My life now is centered on the people we love and trying to wring out every last drop of enjoyment we can out of the good parts while managing the bad parts as well as possible.

Do most of my friends and family still think I’m cheap?  Yes.  I haven’t become a money spending machine.  But I’m definitely not a penny pincher either.  I’m more of a savings-oriented consumer.  😉

What about you?  Any mindset changes in the last couple of years?  What has been going on personally and financially for you?  Share away!!!

FYI:  I worked at a dead end cubicle job from 2005-2011 for about $30,000 per year.  I went self-employed in July 2011 and make between $70,000-$90,000 through blogging, professional pet sitting, hubby's reffing, and our rental home.  If you’d like to start your own site (link to my free step-by-step guide), I highly suggest checking out Bluehost (my referral link with a nice discount for you, PLUS a free custom header banner from me!).  Please contact me any time at budgetingfunstuff*at*gmail*dot*com with questions or just to brainstorm! I’d love to help!
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10 thoughts on “Our New Dog and Other Life Updates

  1. Congrats on the addition to the family!! Life is too short not to enjoy yourself. Don’t sweat it.

    Some changes for us, both kids are now in school full-time and the wife is now working. Means the ability to save some more and spend some more. 🙂 Sure, I could try and save everything that she makes, but I could also get hit by a bus tomorrow. Need to enjoy life a little, while still keeping on eye on the long-term.

  2. Congrats on the new Fid (“furry kid”). And thank you for taking in an older rescue. I’m sure she will grow on the cats and be happy, healthy, and know she’s loved in her new home.

  3. Congrats on your new doggie. She looks really sweet. I’m in the same boat as you in terms of finances; I still really like budgeting, but I’m not as focused on it anymore. I’m much more interested in camping, glamping, and visiting friends and family. I also don’t post much on personal finance anymore. 😉

  4. @Money Beagle, I’ve been in pet rescue organizations for more than 12 years now…if I ever buy a dog from a breeder, call Doctor Who because something has taken over my body… 😉

    @MikeS, exactly! Enjoyment is important too when the basics are covered (heck, even when we didn’t have money for fun, we did cheap and free stuff like movie nights at friends’ homes…we still do…)

    @me, thank you!

    @Mitch, the cats already will sleep on the same couch as her, as long as she doesn’t move much, they are cool with her, LOL.

    @Little House, yeah, it’s tough to blog about something I automated and don’t worry about much anymore…

  5. What a pretty little dog! There’s something good to come home to.

    LOL! I reached the same conclusion about PF blogging some time ago. How many times can you say “get a job, get two jobs if you have to, get out of debt, stay out of debt, live frugally, save for retirement, save for emergencies”?

    Keep on writing, though: you have a whole slew of fans who just like hearing what you’re up to!

  6. Rescuing an older furbaby is something more of us need to do because they deserve love and a life of leisure. Congrats to you!

    PF is a big pain. Some days I am all in and then that day comes that enjoyment is just to irresistible. I think enjoying life is #1 and keeping a balance is the close #2.

  7. @Funny, no worries, I’ll still be here for a while longer! The idea of letting this blog die makes my stomach hurt, LOL.

    @Oliver, exactly!

    @Rae, thanks, she’s a total sweety, so age really wasn’t a big consideration. And I don’t get tired of personal finance in general, but writing about it can get old since my views on it haven’t changed much.

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