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Planning Your Holidays Ahead Will Save You Money

Source: Public Domain Pictures Another summer comes by and you find yourself planning your holidays just a few weeks — sometimes even days — in advance. Most of the trendiest destinations barely have any accommodations left and airplane tickets are too expensive. Suddenly, you find yourself stressing out about where you could go without having to go bankrupt, and what you could have done to prevent this. Planning is not overrated: it will save you money and energy so that when the time comes to enjoy your holidays, relaxing is all you have to think about. So, once you figure out where you want to go, the first thing you should do is start looking at the options for accommodations while the offers are high and therefore, prices are still affordable. Unlike with airplane tickets that usually tend to get cheaper a few months closer to the date of departure — apparently, we should book flights 49 days in advance to get the best value — hotels and other types of accommodations, however, will definitely be cheaper the sooner we book them. Budget airlines and price comparison sites have certainly made it easier to grab last minute deals on flights, … Read more

Baby Update – Around 2 Weeks to Go!!!

The last two weeks have been extremely productive when it comes to baby prep, but obviously not so much when it comes to blogging.  I think the best way I can describe this last month of pregnancy to someone who hasn’t been through it is to equate it to an old phone battery.  I am given a certain amount of energy to use before I just shut off without warning.  Then I nap for 1-3 hours, and *poof*, I’m back.  But I never know how much energy I’ll be assigned.  It’s a fun mystery every time I try to tackle a project or to-do list item.  😉 Shout Out to Liberty Healthshare Thus Far I’ve explained that we don’t have classic health insurance before, but I’m not sure if I’ve brought up Liberty Healthshare recently.  We switched over to this health sharing company in mid-2016 and they’ve been amazing so far.  $299 a month into a group pot and an annual unshared amount of $1000.  This will go up to $450 a month once our daughter arrives and $1500 up front each year.  Still way cheaper than the $750 a month that regular healthcare was rising up to when we … Read more

Are You in Texas? New Way of Choosing Your Next Electricity Provider!

This is a guest blog post from Real Simple Energy. Hey BFS readers, I’m excited to have the opportunity to post here! Thank you Crystal! The easiest way to save $500/year or more! If you are a BFS follower in Texas, I want to tell you about the easiest way to save $500 or more every year by using Real Simple Energy to find your next electricity plan. This is the new way to search for electricity plans — we match your unique usage profile with every publicly available plan in your area to find the cheapest plan for you. It’s super easy! Just answer a few quick questions about your home and search results are instant. All of the hard work and number crunching happens behind the scenes Real Simple Energy exists for one reason: to save you a ton of money. Best of all, the site is completely FREE. We have the largest, most comprehensive plan electricity plan database in Texas, make no commissions, and are 100% independent and unbiased. We can offer free search because many of our users become Hassle-Free customers. Our Hassle-Free customers never have to think about choosing an electricity plan again. For $9/month, we manage your … Read more

Baby Update – One Month to Go!!!

It’s hard to blog, or really accomplish anything, right now.  I’m in a weird limbo world where I want to get everything ready for our daughter’s arrival, but naps, Facebook, tv, and absolutely any other time waster seems way more attractive.  🙂 Baby Making Update My baby bump has inflated, we’ve finished our hospital birthing classes, we’ve done the hospital tour and pre-registered, and now it’s just weekly doctor appointments and waiting to pop while I keep swallowing acid reducers to stay sane. This little one is developing really well!  All of her measurements are coming in fine.  She’s already around 6 pounds with a month to go, which they think is perfectly healthy and not too big at the same time.  All of my tests have come back fine.  All of my baby-delivering parts are where they need to be and doing what they need to do.  So far, so good! Physically, making a mini-human hasn’t been all bad for me.   Granted, I still wouldn’t be one of those women who say, “I loved being pregnant!”, but all of my friends and family have had it worse.  The Annoying Parts I had the “morning” sickness that first trimester, but … Read more

Some Points a Trader Should Bear in Mind to Trade Forex

The Forex market is one of the best markets. Most people eventually get attracted to Forex due to the advantages it offers. Although many people get attracted to Forex only a few manage to remain consistent in the market. The Singaporean traders do not give up trading rather they try their best to remain consistent. If the traders want to remain consistent in trading they should focus on a few points. These points will help the trader to correct mistakes in trading. There are certain factors in the market that you should understand clearly, so now let us know what they are and how to deal them. Execution of trade with greed Greed is the worst enemy of the retail traders. Being an investor in the Forex trading industry, you must learn how to control your greed. There are many traders who have lost their entire trading account due to big lot size trade. Its true by taking a huge risk in each trade you might have some big winners but this is not the proper way to trade the market. No one knows what will happen to the market in the next second. So always be prepared for the … Read more

Adventures in Baby-Making – The Third Trimester So Far

Hey all y’all!!!  As of today, I’m 33.5 weeks pregnant and our daughter is rocking and rolling!  My baby bump is obvious but I am apparently “carrying well”, so I’m looking good for someone less than 2 months from popping, haha.  She’s still expected to make her way out of me between mid-late June (June 15 is the 40 week mark but first time moms often carry longer).  Yep, Still Creepy When It’s Yours – But Creepy Cool The “Alien” style way she likes to stretch and looks to want to burst out right above my belly button is right on cue and just as creepy as it sounds.  Oddly enough, that doesn’t hurt as much as when she pushes super low and crushes my bowels or whatever other important things are down there…maybe the “Alien” writers couldn’t accurately show that level of pain and went for the easy burst out scene… Also creepy is how my body doesn’t wind down as it loses energy.  It just stops.  One minute, I’ll be chugging right along cutting a tomato for fajita toppings.  Then I just have to stop and sit down for 10 minutes like a switch was flipped in my … Read more

Mother’s Day: Leaving a Legacy for Your Kids

As Mother’s Day quickly approaches, it is a time for you to sit back and reflect on the life you have built with your family. You’ve worked hard to raise your children into what they are today, and you can see yourself in each child. We want that feeling to continue even when you are no longer around. Leaving a lasting legacy for your children is something that is important to parents. But why is it so important? We’ve come up with reasons why a legacy is important and ways to build that lasting legacy. Importance of Leaving a Legacy Your children learn from you. Whether it is through action or words, they will follow in your footsteps. So when thinking about the legacy you are leaving for your children, keep that in the back of your mind. Your legacy is what your kids will remember of you when you are no longer around. Whether your death is sudden or you’ve lived a long and happy life, they will take your words and actions with them for the remainder of their lives. This is why leaving a legacy is important. It is shaping the future of your children – positive … Read more