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Favorite Companies List

Host Gator – I hated Host Monster and switched to Host Gator in late 2010.  I haven’t needed to use their customer service often, but when I do, they always impress me.

ING Direct (now CapitalOne360) – Unknown to me, in early 2008 ING accidentally paid a bill 3 days before my scheduled billing date.  Before I even noticed, they called me to explain their mistake as soon as they noticed their error, offered to waive any overdraft fees that might occur (not a problem since we have $1000 padding built-in to our checking accounts), and credited my account with the lost interest. I was most impressed by the actual call explaining the mistake mere hours after they found out.  This one experience told me that this was a bank I’m going to stick with even through crappy interest rates.

Discover Card – Two businesses have accidentally double-charged my card in 8 years and Discover was easy to use online and over the phone.  When Fedex and Ebay were giving me a run-around on getting a $850 refund for an Ebay package, Discover simply credited my account until the whole thing was resolved.  In fact, in the 6 times that I’ve needed to call them in 8 years, I have never received anything but awesome customer service from knowledgeable reps.  UPDATE:  When my new cell phone was stolen 2 months after I bought it in early 2011, Discover refunded the $350 for me once I filed all of the appropriate paperwork.  I love Discover.

Amazon – I’ve always enjoyed their consistent service and prices, but they earned my business for life when they immediately replaced a misdelivered (or stolen) Ipod Nano with no questions asked.

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